Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Carolina Sizzles In A Pastel Bikini While Drinking Champagne On The Beach

Hennessy Carolina might come lower profile compared to sister Cardi B, but the Love & Hip Hop alum is still a relevant face. The 23-year-old has appeared in a new video posted to her Instagram, and suffice to say, the famous rapper's sister is a total hottie. It also looks like Hennessy shares the same luxe penchant as her older sibling.

Hennessy's video came as a loop one, with fans likely grateful that they didn't have to hit any buttons to watch it over and over. The star's post was a beach one, although the lack of a geotag didn't confirm whereabouts in the world Hennessy was.

The video showed Hennessy looking smoking hot in a tiny pastel bikini in light purple hues. The two-piece boasted some fluffy and floral-like white elements jazzing the palette up, although eyes were likely on the killer body being contained by the swimwear. Hennessy had been filmed in a mostly profile position, with the star seen on the shore and swigging a bottle of champagne. Clearly, it's all about living the high life. Hennessy did seem to have made her video about the alcoholic beverage, but for her fans, it was all about that bikini-ready body. The star also appeared with shades, although there was nothing else in the way of accessories.

The update seems to be popular, racking up over 880,000 views overnight. It also looks like Hennessy was giving a nod to her sister's business ventures via her caption; Hennessy had mentioned affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova. As fans are likely aware, Cardi has full-blown collections with the label.

Hennessy has been profiled by media outlets. The star was interviewed by Paper Mag last year, with the feature seeing Hennessy asked how she found navigating fame overall, alongside sister Cardi.

"It's good, it's really a blessing. There are certain things to it, like you can't have an opinion sometimes, and some people don't agree with you. Other than that, it's just a blessing," the star said.

Hennessy was also asked if she'd predicted her fame.

"I don't want to [say], 'Yeah I seen it coming,' but I did see it coming. My teachers used to tell me all the time, 'One day you're going to be famous. Make sure you come back, don't forget about me when you make it.' People would tell me, like teachers with their masters degrees. When people who are very intelligent are telling you that, it's like 'Oh my God are you for real?'" she replied.

Hennessy has 5.6 million Instagram followers. It's a lower following compared to Cardi, but it isn't insignificant. Fans wishing to see more of Hennessy should give her Instagram account a follow. Cardi recently made The Inquisitr's headlines for sharing birthday snaps with husband Offset.