Michelle Williams Accused Of Racism After Dressing Like A Native American

Michelle Williams has been accused of racism after she dressed as a Native American for a magazine cover.

The British magazine, AnOther Magazine, had Williams on its front cover wearing a series of outfits, which included her wearing long braids and beads as well as placing a feather in her hair.

As soon as the cover went viral across the internet, people soon started calling the piece “offensive,” “racist,” and “stereotypical.” Some individuals even asked for an apology.

Refinery29, a New York based online magazine, registered their own personal disgust of the picture, stating, “We can’t believe how offensive Michelle Williams’ latest cover is.”

The publication then discussed why they found the image so distasteful, remarking, “They added super-long, thick, black extensions and braided them, and darkened her eyebrows.”

They also then pointed out the most offensive part of the photo, stating, “Then there’s the makeup. The photo is in black and white, so you can’t tell for sure if they’ve altered her normally fair skin, but there is some definite contouring around the nose and the cheekbones that not only makes her look nearly unrecognisable, but also appears to mimic the stark relief of facial features often seen in early portraits of Native American women.”

Refinery29 added, “The same mimicry applies to her stoic, unsmiling pose, also a typical trope in that particular genre and period of art history.”

The feminist blog, Jezebel, also showed how angry they were with the pictures, proclaiming, ” Am I glad that unlike most racist, stereotypical caricatures of American Indians in pop culture today Micelle is not practically naked? Yes, but just as blackface is never okay, Redface is never okay. Ever.”

Last month, Williams split up with her boyfriend Jason Segel after they had been dating for just over a year. She can currently be seen in Oz: The Great And Powerful.