Donald Trump ‘Ambushed’ Grieving Parents By Trying To Have Them Meet With Son’s Accused Killer

Carlos BarriaGetty Images

The parents of Harry Dunn, the British teen who was killed when an American diplomat’s wife was driving the wrong way down the road, were met with an unwelcome surprise when they visited the White House. According to Reuters, Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn were invited to a meeting with Donald Trump on Wednesday, only to be told that the woman who was driving the car in the fatal crash was in the building and ready to meet.

The couple arrived at the White House on Wednesday where they met with the president, who told them that “he was sorry about Harry and then he sprung the surprise that Mrs. Sacoolas was in another room in the building and whether we want to meet her there and then.”

Anne Sacoolas was driving a vehicle down the wrong side of the road when her car struck Harry, 19, killing him. She left the U.K. shortly after the event claiming diplomatic immunity protection and has been staying out of the public eye ever since.

Dunn’s parents are in the U.S. to drum up support to have Sacoolas sent back to the U.K. to face justice. They were told that the White House had sent an “urgent” invitation to the couple to visit the White House from National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien. Apparently, the White House envisioned an event where the couple was ushered through the door to come face-to-face with their son’s accused killer.

The couple wasn’t happy about being ambushed.

“We said no because as we’ve been saying from the start we want to meet Mrs. Sacoolas but we want to do it in the U.K. so the police can interview her. We didn’t want to be sort of railroaded, not into a circus as such, but a meeting we weren’t prepared for.”

Trump, who is facing his own issues with the ongoing Ukraine impeachment investigation, and O’Brien said that they wouldn’t be asking Sacoolas to return to Britain, but that they would try to look at the situation from a different perspective.

“(O’Brien has) heaped grief and pain on the family by making them go through this but not allowing them to get the closure they need by talking to Mrs. Sacoolas before they can go onto the grieving stage,” their lawyer said.

The couple’s lawyer went on to say that the family needs to meet in private and away from the media with their son’s accused killer.

“Most sensible folk and not a nincompoop in a hurry would understand that.”