PS Vita 3G Gets Price Cut In Most Sony Stores

PS Vita 3G has gotten a price cut in most of the Sony stores in the United States. Sony has had problems getting the Vita to sell at anywhere near the numbers they had hoped and it appears they have now given the go ahead to cut prices to two different versions of the Vita that have 3G capabilities.

The price drop seems to be in direct contradiction to what Sony had said last month when they dropped the price of the Vita in Japan. At that time, all of the company’s handheld gaming device got a $50 price drop in Japan only. Sony followed that move up by announcing that there would be no similar move in the United States.

Assuming that this price drop has been sanctioned by Sony, and it seems likely it has considering the scale in which it is being carried out, it appears the company had a change of heart. In most stores (though apparently not all), the Vita 3G + WiFi bundle has been dropped in price by $50, from $299 to $249.

PS Vita has even been spotted with $199 price tags in some stores. It is the different price point that has confused deal hunters. The fact that this doesn’t appear to be an announced sale and something Sony is doing under the radar has also caused some confusion.

Some store employees have said that the Vitas with 3G capabilities are being discontinued and that Sony stores are trying to get rid of their inventory in response. Other employees say that the sale is temporary and will be ending this Sunday.

A dropping of the price would seem to make sense, since reports indicate that Sony saw an explosion in popularity of their handheld after they cut the price.

Are PS Vita 3Gs in your area suddenly being discounted?