‘Maxim’ Stunner Rachel Bush Rocks A Leopard-Print Bikini For Steamy Instagram Throwback


Rachel Bush is heating up Instagram as she turns back the clock.

The Maxim model took to Instagram this week to share a throwback picture of herself rocking a very tiny, leopard-print bikini. The picture also came with a note about her crazy schedule of late, which could be the reason for a drop-off in posts from the model. After spending the spring and early part of the summer regularly sharing pictures of herself donning skimpy swimwear and hitting the pool, Rachel has slowed down a bit as the summer ended and fall kicked in.

That could be in part due to her husband’s busier schedule. Rachel is married to Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer, who has been a big part of the team’s 4-1 start. Though the season is going surprisingly well for the Bills, it’s also predictably busy for Rachel and her husband. The 21-year-old model has opened up in the past about the rigors of being an NFL wife while raising a young daughter, saying that they are often on the go as Jordan and the Bills travel across the country. Rachel often gives her followers a glimpse of this busy life, sharing pictures of the family’s trips to see the team on the road and sharing pictures with Jordan after the team’s games.

But Rachel has a busy life of her own. In a feature published last month in the Buffalo News, Rachel said that while she’s gained fame from her Instagram modeling, she now hopes to make her mark as a business mogul. She recently formed her own LLC and has started to sell products, including personalized shorts and a fitness guide. Rachel often leans on her massive Instagram following as a platform to pitch her products.

“I like to focus more on actually building companies,” she told the newspaper.

She has also made a number of appearances beyond Instagram, modeling for Maxim and even hosting events as she splits time between southern Florida and Western New York.

Still, Rachel likely earns a nice income from her Instagram page. While she didn’t tell the paper exactly how much she makes, social media experts say that Instagram influencers traditionally get $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have. For Rachel, with her following of 1.2 million, that means around $10,000 for every sponsored post she shares. That is something that Rachel does regularly, posting pictures of herself wearing revealing swimwear or clothing for top fashion brands.