Texas Hottie Hope Beel Goes Into Bombshell Mode While Wearing A Tight Yellow Dress

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Hope Beel has been lighting up Instagram over the past week with her incredible bikini posts. However, her latest photo update was only slightly more modest, seeing her rock a sexy little dress.

Hope looked like a total brunette bombshell as she posed seductively for her brand new photo. In the sexy snapshot, Hope was seen sitting on a wooden coffee table as she wore a sizzling yellow dress.

The gown boasted a low cut, thin spaghetti straps, and a cut-out midsection, showcasing Hope’s toned arms, abundant cleavage, tiny waist, curvy hips, and long, lean legs.

The Texas model wore her long, dark hair parted to the side, pulled back in a sleek bun behind her head. She also stunned in a full face of makeup, an application which included defined eyebrows, long lashes, and a bronzed glow. She added pink blush on her cheeks and a light pink color on her lips to complete the glam look, and she accessorized with dangling white earrings and a black leather handbag slung over her shoulder.

Hope’s 1.2 million followers seemed to appreciate the racy post, clicking the like button over 8,000 times to show the photo some serious love.

“Stunning,” one of Hope’s Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the post.

“GORGEOUS lady,” another fan stated.

“You’re so hot. I love you,” a third adoring admirer wrote.

“Angel of beauty,” a fourth comment read.

Back in 2016, Hope spoke out about her health and fitness journey to Women Fitness, telling the outlet that she considers herself blessed to have her online following, and to be able to help people on their own journeys.

“My diet is based off balance. Typically throughout the week I’ll have lean protein, complex carbs, and veggies. I try to eat every 2-3 hours. I also have my cheats, and I don’t deprive myself from anything. I believe that once you take things out of your diet for a period of time and try to put them back in, you create food allergies. Plus, I maintain my physique year round, so having balance in my diet has been very helpful,” Hope revealed, adding that her healthy lifestyle has changed her life and even given her glowing, clear skin.

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Fans can see more of Hope Beel’s bikini body, and other racy shots, by following the fitness model on her social media accounts, which she keeps regularly updated for her fans.