Kaley Cuoco Talks To Kelly Clarkson About Her ‘Effing Awesome’ New Role

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Fans of Kaley Cuoco and Kelly Clarkson can look forward to watching two of television’s biggest female stars sit down together later today.

The Big Bang Theory actress and The Voice coach will chat about some of Kaley’s upcoming projects this afternoon on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the official Instagram page for Kelly’s second NBC gig recently dropped a promo video for their interview. In the short teaser, Kelly had just shared a clip from Kaley’s new Harley Quinn animated series with the studio audience, and Kaley was reacting to it. The actress commended Kelly for finding a clip that was appropriate for daytime television.

“I don’t know how you found a clip without several F-bombs,” Kaley said. “That’s the cleanest one. That’s the cleanest clip I’ve seen of that show.”

After Kelly cracked up over her quip, Kaley warned parents not to let their kids watch Harley Quinn. However, she made sure to let adult viewers know that they shouldn’t let all the cursing turn them off from tuning in.

“But it’s effing awesome, let me tell you,” she added.

In another video that was uploaded to The Kelly Clarkson Show YouTube page, Kaley talked a little more about what it was like to play a character who is so fond of dropping F-bombs and other obscenities. According to Kaley, getting to voice the psychotic Batman villain with a potty mouth has been like “therapy” for her.

“I spend two hours by myself screaming and cussing,” Kaley said of voicing Harley.

She described Harley Quinn as “hilarious” before talking a little more about just how often the series’ writers were having her drop the F-word. She revealed that it was being said so much that they actually got a warning from the network about going overboard with its usage. However, Kaley and Kelly agreed that it’s a “great verb,” even though both of their mothers can’t stand it.

Earlier this month, Kaley took to Instagram to reveal when Harley fans will be able to watch her and fellow female villain, Poison Ivy, cause mayhem in Gotham City. Harley Quinn premieres November 29 on the new DC Universe platform.

As reported by People, Kaley previously described playing Harley Quinn as “freeing” after so many years of starring on The Big Bang Theory. Because that series was a network show, she and her castmates always had to keep things clean. However, recording Harley’s lines had an unfortunate side effect; Kaley was cursing so much that she had to keep reminding herself not to speak like the mallet-wielding maniac when she was doing mundane things like ordering a cup of coffee.

The actress described her take on the character’s voice as “the Kaley Cuoco voice on crack,” and she also shared her thoughts on what the superhero-obsessed male characters on The Big Bang Theory would have thought about her Harley Quinn gig.

“I think they would think it was the hottest thing in the world,” she said. “I’m sure they wish there was an episode written about this now at this point. But yeah, I think this is in their wet dreams, for sure.”

Fans can watch part of Kaley Cuoco’s interview with Kelly Clarkson below.