Britney Spears Rocks Newly-Blond Locks In Tight Tube Top Straight Out The Pool

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Britney Spears has gotten Instagram talking once again. The pop icon’s latest update managed to rack up over 350,000 views in the space of 50 minutes, with the same timeframe bringing in over 3,400 comments. Fans will always lose it a little with Britney, but today’s update saw Instagram users go a little crazy over the singer seemingly ditching the dark locks she recently rocked, as Britney is rocking blond hair again. A quick look at the comments section suggests that the singer’s fans have yet to come to terms with the news.

It’s been quite some months since Britney launched a mega debate by wearing a see-through dress – fans were quick to spot the details – although today’s video didn’t see the 37-year-old’s followers spot anything other than the obvious. Britney is back to blond, and her video is all about it.

Britney’s video showed her in selfie mode and seated on a couch. The star appeared in a tight white tube top with three buttons down the middle, with hints of a tiny pair of shorts also visible. Her hair seemed to be the focal point, though. Britney’s locks were swept up into a bun, although wet strands of it were falling around her face, as she explained in her caption that she had just taken a dip in her swimming pool. Britney announced a well-known phrase associated with blondes, although she did state that her hair hadn’t been professionally done up.

Based on the comments, many Instagram users are having a hard time processing the change.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa,” was all that one fan could manage.

“INVENTED BLONDE,” another user wrote.

While the “invented” phrase is somewhat of a standard over on Britney’s Instagram, it didn’t seem that all users were in agreement that blond is best.

“Noooooooooo. Brunettes are better,” one fan argued.

“Yassssss Blondney is backkkkk! Queen!!!!” was another comment seeming to back the star’s decision.

The comments went on and on. Fans were either wowed by the star’s new look, unsure of how to react, or simply in awe of Britney showing her face in such a fuss-free, candid way. Social media updates from the singer aren’t always well-received, but it looks like today’s post nailed it – well, at least for those digging the blond look.

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“ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD,” one fan exclaimed.

Britney did make headlines for the unexpected change back to black hair. Many fans felt that she was channeling the look from her Blackout album, as the star also rocked a hat similar to the one worn on the album cover. It looks like the dark hair wasn’t meant to last, though.

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