Cardi B And Offset Share Racy Photos From Their Vacation In Honor Of Her 27th Birthday

Cardi B and Offset are sharing with their fans snippets of their romantic getaway on the beach.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the two are on a vacation in honor of Cardi's birthday. The "Press" rapper celebrated her 27th birthday on Friday, October 11.

As part of their trip, the hip-hop couple is celebrating by enjoying the blue ocean and riding a jet ski together. Cardi posted a photo from the couple's ride together on her Instagram page. The Hustlers actress has her back to the camera, with one leg in the air with Cardi's arched foot being on full display. The other foot is gently placed on Offset's chest as she rocks a zebra print, string bathing suit and a matching headdress.

While Cardi's face isn't shown in the photo, her fans are able to see Offset's reaction to his wife's steamy pose. The "Clout" rapper is seen holding onto Cardi's thighs as his tongue is out in the photo. He is also looking down as he is posed sitting across from Cardi. In the photo, Offset is wearing black shorts with his dreadlocks styled in a bun. Fans of the couple are able to see many of their tattoos in the post.

At the time of writing, the photo of Cardi and Offset received more than 5.5 million likes. The photo also received more than 30,000 comments under her post.

"How I'm tryna be w bae NO CAP," shared one fan.

"Freaky on the jet ski!" another follower exclaimed.

"Prime example of not needing a million chicks but loving one woman 1 million different ways....." another follower shared.

Offset also showed off some photos from his vacay with his wife. The Migos group member first shared a photo of him and Cardi riding the jet ski through the ocean. The couple both have life jackets on as Offset stares back at the camera. In another photo, the couple stops to share a romantic kiss in the middle of the ocean. Cardi's legs and arms are wrapped around Offset in the photo.

At the time of writing, the photos received more than 1 million likes between the two of them. The photos also received a plethora of comments from fans of the couple.

"Can we get a sex tape or naw?" one follower asked.

"This is gorgeous," another follower chimed in.

"What a beautiful pic," another fan said.

Cardi and Offset also recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. The couple tied the knot in 2017 secretly after only months of dating. The couple now has a daughter together, Kulture, 1, and has been seemingly smitten with each other in recent months.