Carrie Underwood Wows Instagram In Glitter Mini Dress, But A Backstage Moment Melts Hearts

Erika GoldringGetty Images

Carrie Underwood isn’t running out of ways to wow her fans. The singer has been dropping jaws left, right, and center with her “Cry Pretty 360” tour, with videos from her stage performances regularly proving popular over on her Instagram.

This girl’s legs are something else. Whether they’re in cracked marble leggings or covered in liquid-effect sheer pants, it’s like Carrie’s pins have a career of their own.

It isn’t all about the legs, though. The voice that wowed Simon Cowell all those years ago has earned Carrie somewhat of a superstar status. The kind-hearted girl underneath hasn’t gone anywhere, though, with the latest video on Carrie’s Instagram appearing to show just that.

Carrie’s video today came as a mash-up of scenes from her most recent performance in Pittsburgh. The singer was seen in a variety of stage getups that have already been seen on her, although a glittery and long-sleeved pink mini dress did seem to be a new look. Carrie was seen on the stage and off it, with a backstage moment proving particularly touching. The blonde appeared in a hugging moment with one of her younger fans; the little girl seen with Carrie appeared over the moon to have met her. Carrie was also seen spending time with a wheelchair-bound individual.

Fans have been noticing that precious moment with the little girl. While the early comments left to Carrie’s video did seem to show a fanbase who attended the show, they didn’t exclude the beady-eyed fans who’d spotted the heart-warming moment.

“Omg gosh you are so so sweet! You just made that little girl’s night,” one fan wrote with a heart emoji.

Of course, comments from fans generally appearing wowed are inevitable over on Carrie’s Instagram.

“Look at my woman Carrie Underwood up there killing it,” one user said.

“Carrie is beautiful inside and out and I love her and her amazing voice” seemed to be a comment possibly blending both aspects.

“Adorable!!” another fan wrote.

Carrie has been sharing the odd backstage moment from her performances. The star recently posted an Instagram story showing her walking through backstage corridors with husband Mike Fisher, plus the couple’s two sons. For the most part, those videos showcase Carrie belting out tunes in front of the masses, but it looks like Carrie doesn’t treat the crowds as a bulk deal. The star seemed perfectly happy to do a meet and greet with her fans in this video – presumably, there are plenty more that aren’t filmed.

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