Kelly Clarkson Sizzles In A Mini Dress & Cowboy Hat As She Discovers Deep-Fried Potato Salad

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson appears to have made a new food discovery. The Kelly Clarkson Show host has appeared in a new video posted to the daytime series’ Instagram account, with the footage appearing to be a recap of a rather unusual food moment seen on the show today. Kelly’s cute black mini dress was documented by The Inquisitr earlier today as she opened up the show with her usual singing display, but it looks like music wasn’t the only focus on today’s episode.

Kelly might tuck into fried treats, but it’s worth remembering that the singer has lost a staggering 37 pounds.

The interest in food can still manifest, though. The video appeared to show Kelly in the studio, with a screen beaming in from the land of deep-fried everything — Texas. Of course, Kelly channeled the spirit of the state by rocking some appropriate headwear, as the blonde chose to wear a cowboy hat. For some, Kelly in a mini dress might be a treat. Whack on a cowboy hat, and it looks like fans are all set.

The video mostly showed deep-fried potato salad being mentioned and honored out in Texas, although there was a surprise for Kelly and her audience — everyone seated in the studio was treated to some, with Kelly herself seen discovering the dish at the very end of the video. She looked a tiny bit grossed-out, but the footage cut off before fans could see if she enjoyed it.

Food has been featured on the popular series before. It hasn’t been that long since Kelly fought it out over sour cream as the set turned into a kitchen, allowing her to make fajitas with her guests. The footage saw one of Kelly’s guests offer what they considered to be a reasonable portion of sour cream, but Kelly was adamant – she needed more.

Kelly’s weight loss has been a hot topic for her fans. The star tends not to talk about it too much, although she has opened up about her weight loss journey a little. As Country Living reported in September, Kelly spoke to Hoda Kotb, revealing that her weight issues were tied to greater health problems.

“I had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem that started in 2006,” Kelly explained to Hoda. “I read this book, it’s called The Plant Paradox[by Steven R. Gundry, MD], and it might not work for you but it worked wonders for me.”

How much potato salad Kelly ate today is anyone’s guess, but fans are likely hoping she enjoyed it.