‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Sky Days Puts On A Tight Mini Dress & Shows Off Cleavage

Sky DaysInstagram

Reality TV star Sky Days seems like she’s having a blast, as her romance with 600 Breezy continues to heat up. Her newest Instagram post showed her rocking a bright blue mini dress, and although her lover was nowhere in sight, the comments section was all about her “glow.”

The Black Ink Crew star was spotted sitting down, as she placed her left hand over her midriff. Her mini dress had a low cut that hugged her chest, and she wore an unbuttoned jacket that allowed her to flaunt her cleavage.

Days also wore a denim, long-sleeved top that had colorful accents. This included bright pink fabric and embroidery on the front, which were decorated with colorful round pieces in yellow, blue, and red.

Sky also wore her hair down, with a heavy right part, and she noted in the captions that it was a wig. She gave a smoldering look with her lips slightly parted, rocking glossy lipstick with dark lip liner. The tattoo artist accessorized with a short, sparkling necklace and earrings.

Fans left lots of nice comments, with many fans mentioning that she looked like she was glowing. Presumably, this glow is thanks to her new love life with 600 Breezy.

“You Glowing and it looks Beautiful on you,” said a fan.

“@600breezy treat my mama right and never let her go.!!” exclaimed another fan.

The romance between Sky and 600 Breezy is hard to deny. Besides the cute couple photos, the reality TV star revealed on Twitter yesterday that she and her new lover aren’t shy about showing their affection for one another in public.

Fans sounded like they were all for it in the comments section.

“Live ya BEST F**KIN LIFE MA,” said a fan.

“Wow! Jealous now,” joked another fan.

“Did not see this coming,” added a follower.

But that wasn’t all, as Days posted another tweet on October 7, breaking a months-long silence on the platform.

“Once I get started I don’t stop so please be super f*ckin nice lil b*tch,” she said.

Fans attempted to decipher the cryptic tweet, but it didn’t look like anyone knew exactly what she was talking about.

Besides that, fans can hope for more updates from Sky in the coming week. The updates will likely involve her new boyfriend. After all, Days shared her first photos with the rapper on October 6. Since then, four of her nine most recent photos included an appearance by 600 Breezy.