Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Tells Michael She’s Ready To Tell The Truth As Brad Squirms

Craig SjodinABC

Fans will not want to miss Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that it’s time for Nelle’s parole hearing, and it looks as if she’s feeling bold and confident. Both Michael and Brad will be involved as this hearing takes place, and things are going to get ugly.

Viewers know that Nelle has pressured Brad to support her efforts to be granted parole. He feels as if he has no choice, and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be attending the hearing.

Michael will be at the hearing, too, although that comes as no surprise. Of course, he isn’t attending to support Nelle. Rather, he’ll be hoping that her parole is denied.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show revealed a juicy General Hospital spoiler about Nelle, Brad, and Michael interacting with one another. Nelle, in the mischievous way she has, will tell Michael she is ready to tell him the truth about something. This will probably send Brad’s pulse racing, as he will surely worry that she is about to tell Michael that “Wiley” is really their supposedly dead son Jonah.

Of course, fans know that it’s highly unlikely that Nelle is planning to reveal anything close to the truth about their son to Michael at this point or anytime soon. She almost did, once, when she was worried about Shiloh trying to get his hands on Wiley. Now, however, she has no reason to give Michael any good news. In fact, if she gains parole, it wouldn’t come as a shock if she perhaps tried to snatch the toddler and go on the run.

Whatever it is that Nelle tells Michael, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it may prompt an angry outburst from him. As The Inquisitr previously noted, the weekly sneak peek teased that Michael will lunge at Brad and shove him for some reason.

It appears that this all happens within the same encounter, and viewers will see at least some of it during Wednesday’s show. Could it be that Nelle perhaps tells Michael something about Brad supporting her? It seems likely that whatever she says will be delivered in such a way that it infuriates Michael while serving as a warning to Brad to toe the line in terms of what she wants from him.

Soap Central points out that Brad will be stressed this week as he faces pressure from all sides. Not only is he wary of what Nelle might do, but he’s now facing an angry Michael, a suspicious Lucas, and questions from Curtis later this week.

Will Nelle get parole or will she have to turn to other means to regain her freedom? What will it take for Michael to learn that his godson Wiley is really his son Jonah? General Hospital spoilers hint that Wednesday’s episode will be a juicy one and that this long-awaited revelation should be coming relatively soon.