Sara Underwood Holds Onto A Sturdy Archway As She Rocks Abundant Cleavage While Swathed In Silk

Ethan MillerGetty Images

On Monday, Sara Underwood rocked a barely-there swimsuit while trying out her new hot tub, but by Tuesday, she had transitioned into a skimpy NSFW silk romper. The most seductive aspect of the abbreviated garment was that the risque neckline of the virgin white ensemble — which featured an embossed white leopard print — plunged all the way down to just above the outdoorsy model’s navel.

This babe was not at all shy as she posed while outdoors. Her perky breasts were half exposed, causing massive cleavage and sideboob galore. The playsuit was super-short, hitting the top of Sara’s enviable thighs. The sleeves of the romper — which featured a large knot — were very long and took on a bell shape at the wrists.

Sara topped her simple yet sexy sartorial statement from Pretty Little Thing with a dark tan straw hat boasting a small brim that shielded her pretty eyes from too much glare. The 35-year-old Portlandian wore copious makeup, including darkened brows, liner around the entire inside of her eyes, black mascara and blush-colored lipstick.

The 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year stood in the center of a rusty-colored rock archway which was equipped with a low ceiling. She held her arms out to touch each side of the natural wonder, making her look kind of like an angel-in-waiting. Sara had a look of wonder on her face as she posed in a childish yet flirty way for the camera. Her light-colored hair was messy and mostly stuffed under the hat she wore. However, some strands did manage to escape the head topper to partially frame her lovely face.

From among her enthusiastic 9.2 million fans and followers, Sara earned more than 20,000 likes on her latest Instagram upload. In addition, more than 130 admirers wrote on the social media share within 30 minutes of going live.

“Well heellloooo, what a neat rock walkthrough, love the hat and outfit,” stated one fan, who added a red heart exclamation point emoji and a red heart emoji to further express how he was feeling.

“Very romantic,” said a second Instagrammer, who added a closed eye emoji and a red heart exclamation point emoji to the comment to emphasize the flattering comment.

“Loved the uncensored versions best!” remarked a third commented, who was apparently appreciative of this particular pose from the Playboy centerfold subject.

“Sara, been following you forever & you get More Beautiful every Day,” commented yet another ardent fan, who added three different color emoji to his sweet message.

“Very nice picture!! You are like an angel… only the wings [are] missing!” exclaimed a fifth admirer who was obviously very observant.

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