Jinger Duggar Trades Her Pants For A Cute Dress During An Outing With Her Family In L.A.


Jinger Duggar has been enjoying her family visiting her in their new home in Los Angeles. Since her big move in July with husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and daughter Felicity, the Counting On star has been living it up, California-style. Now she is able to share all of the treasures of the area with the Duggars.

Jinger has also embraced her own way of dressing since getting married, and especially since living in L.A. Fans have loved seeing her in pants and shorts, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t opt for dresses either. However, it appears that since her family has been visiting, the mom of one seems to have gone back to donning dresses while they are there. As fans can see in photos that were posted by Radar Online, Jinger has decided to trade her California wear for a cute dress, at least during her time with her parents and siblings.

The photos show the TLC star arriving at a local museum with her huge family tagging along. Jinger is wearing a simple khaki dress with white sneakers. It looks like she may have traded her cute flats at one point for a more comfortable option. She fits right in with the rest of the Duggar females, who are seen in skirts. That is how this family rolls when it comes to their modesty rules about what women should wear. It appears that Jinger has taken it up herself to follow that as well while her family is visiting.

Another hint that Jinger opts to wear dresses around her family is the Instagram photo that was shared recently showing her and Felicity walking on the beach, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. She had on a blue dress, but this time she also wore leggings underneath. This seems to indicate that she may feel more comfortable in a dress around her parents.

Jinger still wears dresses often when going to church and at special social events. But when it comes to trekking around town sightseeing or trying out a restaurant or two, the Duggar daughter has been seen in more casual wear.

The new season of TLC’s Counting On is set to premiere on October 15. Jinger will sit down with her mom to discuss the topic of her making the choice to wear what she wants since leaving the nest. The previews indicates that this will be an emotional topic for Jinger, as it seems to be a hot topic among fans and the media.

In addition, the new season will feature the baby boom that is happening in the Duggar family, as well as the heartbreaking moments of Grandma Mary Duggar’s passing.