Shawn Johnson Injured & Taken To Hospital As Olympian’s Pregnancy Nears Its End

Neilson BarnardGetty Images for Dove

Olympic gymnastics champion Shawn Johnson just shared some scoop via her Instagram page about an injury she received that required a trip to the emergency room. Johnson is just days away from welcoming her first baby to her family with husband Andrew East. However, on Monday, she ran into an obstacle of sorts that threw off any plans for an easy last couple of weeks before giving birth.

On Monday, Johnson posted a photo on Instagram showing her at the hospital. She was sitting on a hospital bed, her phone in her hand, with quite the look on her face. The Olympian explained that she was fine, but she had a broken big toe.

Johnson joked that she’s the only one who would manage to do such a thing while 38 weeks pregnant. She also quipped that her “mama waddle” would now have a little extra “swag” to it.

East was right by her side at the hospital. At one point during this adventure, he shared a video on his Instagram page showing his wife in the ER.

East joked about how high her pain tolerance is and he mentioned that she’d been walking on the broken toe, seemingly relatively well, before heading to the hospital. East also said that the doctor had been pulling on the toe and asking Johnson if it hurt, and she kept saying no.

Both Johnson and East assured fans that the baby was fine.

East said that Johnson’s broken toe came as a result of a run-in with a rock. Based on the comments on her Instagram post, it seems that the injury happened as Johnson was petting a dog.

Fans who have been following Johnson and East’s adventures via social media for a while now are relieved to see that this hospital visit wasn’t related to the pregnancy. As many will remember, the couple suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage before this pregnancy.

As The Inquisitr detailed almost exactly two years ago, Shawn and Andrew were overjoyed to learn they were expecting their first baby. Unfortunately, just a matter of hours later, they experienced a miscarriage.

Johnson and East shared their heartbreak as they worked through this and forged ahead to try for another baby. Since revealing their good news, they’ve documented plenty of fun moments from this pregnancy.

Luckily, Johnson’s injury didn’t affect the baby. She is just a couple of weeks or so away from finally giving birth. It looks as if her husband isn’t going to stray too far from her side as she navigates this broken toe alongside the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy.