Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Pulls Down Her Daisy Dukes On Mexican Television

Suzy CortezInstagram

It’s been less than a week since Suzy Cortez took to Instagram to mark her appearance on Mexican television. As The Inquisitr reported, Miss BumBum shook her famous assets on the show in a pair of daisy dukes that she wore with a white crop top and black boots. The Brazilian model and social media sensation is known for sharing several updates from the same event, and it seems Suzy has continued that trend.

Late last night, the model updated her Instagram with a video of her on Fox Sports Mexico. She appeared in a group setting chatting with the Fox Sports commentators. Although the video was in Spanish, it was clear that they were asking her about something, which viewers soon found out they were inquiring over her very special tattoo.

The video opened with Suzy and four others seated on-set, although she didn’t take long to stand up. After a bit of convincing, Suzy eventually agreed to show off her buttock tattoo of soccer superstar Lionel Messi. Suzy has the Argentinian’s last name, jersey number, and the crest of his team, FC Barcelona, inked on her rear. While the camera mostly shot Suzy full length as she chatted, clapped her hands, and waved her hair around, it did eventually zoom in as she pulled down her Daisy Dukes to showcase the ink she’s so proud of.

Suzy didn’t show off the entirety of her famous booty, but fans definitely got a feel of why Miss BumBum received that title, which has made her somewhat of a social media sensation.

The video proved to be popular, receiving over 8,000 likes in less than 12 hours. While fan comments were mostly in her native Portuguese — the star is from Brazil — she does have an international fanbase. An English speaker who viewed Suzy’s video left a comment requesting for such behavior on American screens.

Fox News sports US is sorely lacking this kind of content,” the user wrote.

Suzy’s video managed to rack up an impressive amount of views for an account that only boasts 2 million followers. She had over 64,000 views on her video in only 11 hours.

While Suzy will always be known as Miss BumBum 2015, she recently proved that she could still win a “Miss BumBum” title even four years later — and on a bigger stage. The star recently competed in the Miss BumBum World 2019 competition, where she was crowned the winner. Suzy has been posting numerous videos and photos of her wearing her new crown and sash. Fans will likely say her win was very much deserved.

Those wishing to see more of Suzy can follow her Instagram.