Kate Beckinsale Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous Barefoot In Tube Top & Tiny Shorts That Barely Cover Her

Kate Beckinsale attends Rolls Royce X Technogym at the home of Gunnar Peterson on August 30, 2018
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Instagram updates from Kate Beckinsale are never dull. Just yesterday, the Pearl Harbor actress stripped down to a see-through bra with a tiara to show off her appendectomy scar. Tuesday brought no tiaras, but it didn’t hold back on showcasing the star’s killer body. The 46-year-old has managed to pull off looking drop-dead gorgeous with what may be the least amount of effort ever – and there are five photos to look at.

Kate’s update today saw her going a little wild inside her home. The actress was photographed jumping around and dancing, although the caption explained it all. Kate fully acknowledged getting a little too enthusiastic over her purchases for Halloween.

The actress appeared barefoot and clad in a simple and minimal wardrobe. The star was seen rocking a black tube top paired with a barely-there pair of white shorts with a black waistband. Kate bounced around the house and delivered some slightly balletic moves in some images. Fans definitely got an eyeful for the miniscule feel to the shorts, although it’s fair to say that the look was a killer one for flaunting Kate’s gym-honed body. The star was photographed from various angles, with some images even feeling quite blurry.

Kate’s fun and figure-flaunting updates always prove popular. This one managed to rack up over 55,000 likes in the space of thee hours. The snaps seemed to fly the flag for Kate’s carefree and offbeat vibes, although for a 46-year-old, this update also showcased the star’s youthful edge.

As for how Kate stays looking so young, it seems to be a mixture of good genetics and all those workouts. That said, a source reporting to Hollywood Life stated that the actress has been paying attention to all things anti-aging for years.

“Kate did one thing that was extremely smart when she was younger. She protected her skin and never allowed herself to get sunburned nearly ever,” the source told the media outlet.

Kate’s training regimes were also mentioned.

“Kate is full of energy and passion and works out about five to six times a week doing all kinds of cardio and Pilates to keep toned. She likes to feel young and hip,” the source added.

Kate recently updated her Instagram with a pretty impressive flexibility display as her trainer worked her legs into what was basically a split. Clearly, the results of all that hard work are visible. Fans wishing to see more of Kate should follow her Instagram.