Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri Bares Cleavage, Showcases Curves In New ‘My Hero Academia’-Inspired Photo Set

Jessica NigriInstagram

The recently released fourth season of My Hero Academia has gotten more than just anime fans buzzing, as cosplay models such as Jessica Nigri are doing their part to build on the hype. On Monday, the so-called “Queen of Cosplay” shared a new set of photos that showed her rocking a pair of sexy costumes inspired by one of the series’ characters, once again leaving little to her 3.8 million Instagram followers’ imaginations.

The first of the two photos uploaded on Monday was actually a collage of two separate images, both of which featured Jessica wearing My Hero Academia character Mt. Lady’s distinctive blue horns and facial mask. Many of her fans, however, may have been paying more attention to the generous display of skin, as the picture on the left saw the cosplayer flaunting her massive cleavage in an orange bra, also offering viewers a good look at her shapely hips while tugging on her bottoms. On the right side, Jessica went the topless route, using her right hand to censor her breasts as she showed off some sideboob from underneath her cape.

Similar to the first part of the set, the second one likewise combined two side-by-side images of Jessica, who was wearing her full Mt. Lady get-up this time around. While the model was definitely covered up in this collage, it was also clear that her costume flattered her dangerous curves, with the left image specifically highlighting her bountiful booty.

Aside from specifying that she herself made the horns and mask and crediting cosplayer Brandon Gilbert for the bodysuit she wore in the second collage, Jessica used the caption to ask her fans about their favorite My Hero Academia characters and announce her latest costume giveaway. That may be one other reason why the new update has gotten close to 123,000 likes in the 11 hours since it was posted.

While many of the 1,000-plus Instagram users who took to the comments section focused strictly on the anime/manga series — likely in hopes of winning Jessica’s outfit — there were several others who gushed over the cosplay model’s beauty and figure, as well as the costumes she wore on both parts of the update.

“Suddenly my favorite character is MT Lady,” said one such follower, trailing their comment with a two-hearts emoji.

“I love how goofy you can be and how beautiful you are with your cosplays!” wrote a second admirer.

Jessica Nigri is not the only popular cosplayer to take to Instagram in recent days with sexy My Hero Academia-inspired snaps. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Liz Katz shared two photos where she dressed up as characters from the series, rocking minuscule bikinis as she separately gave a nod to main protagonist Izuku Midoriya and the villainous Himiko Toga.