Ainsley Rodriguez Sizzles In Emerald Green Bikini As She Trains Her Ripped Abs For New Workout Video

Ainsley Rodriguez Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez, a Latina fitness model with 1.9 million followers on Instagram, is back with a scorching new update for her fans.

Ainsley, who is known for her inspirational and informative workout content, is doing an ab routine in her latest series of videos — all while rocking a skimpy emerald green bikini that shows off her ripped midsection.

In the first video, she does some weighted sit-ups while kicking her legs and flaunting her radiant smile. In the second clip, she does some torso twists with her legs raised. In the third bit of footage, she does sit-ups and leg lifts, again making the exercises look almost effortless.

In the caption, she advised her fans to do each of these exercises for 50 seconds without rest, and then to stop for 10 seconds before tackling the next-ab burning move.

In the comments, fans marveled at the fitness model’s form.

“Wow! This is why you have that amazing core!” one fan gushed.

More than a few said that the clips were inspiring them to work out.

“I just saved this video I’m going to try these out later tonight,” another fan added.

One person asked if Ainsley ever works out with heavier weights. The model noticed the question, and replied.

“Yup! I alternate but I do prefer higher volume and lighter weight! When it comes to abs I never do heavy weight,” she wrote.

Ainsley has shown off her abs in workout videos before. As The Inquisitr reported, in a previous video she did a similar ab routine — however, that time she was wearing a red-and-blue bikini and she incorporated a resistance band. The video has close to 30,000 views and more than 700 comments, and fan response was just as enthusiastic as that seen on her most recent post.

It’s clear that Ainsley has found an audience that’s receptive to her fitness-focused content, but in an interview with HuffPo, she revealed that she realized — early on in her career — that social media likes do not translate into revenue. She noticed that she’d get a bunch of likes on a post of herself in a bikini, but then not much would come of it in terms of interest in her paid coaching programs. But she later observed that informational content led to more traction to her website’s “buy” buttons, even though they got fewer likes on Instagram.

Ainsley puts a lot of effort into making that informational content fun. In one of her recent videos, she takes viewers into her kitchen as she makes healthy blueberry protein muffins. In the clip, she’s dancing and goofing off for the camera as she whips off the ingredients, proving that health-conscious baking can be fun too.