Fitness Models Bakhar Nabieva And Eva Andressa Come Together For Hot And Muscle-Packed Workout Picture

Bakhar Nabieva and Eva Andressa came together for one of the hottest, most muscle-packed gym pictures you'll ever see.

The Instagram fitness models posed for a picture that Bakhar shared on her feed this week, showing the two posing among the workout machines and showing off their well-sculpted legs. The Instagram snap a huge hit with Bakhar's followers, prompting thousands of likes and all kinds of comments about their fantastic physiques.

"What a pic!," one person wrote.

"D*mn, both of you in one pic," another commented.

It's not clear yet what brought the two fitness models together, but it was apparently the first meeting between two models with a combined following of 7.8 million (2.6 million for Bakhar and 5.2 million for Eva). In the comments section, Eva left some kind words for her fellow model.

"You are such an incredible person, I loved meeting you," she wrote.

Though Instagram is brimming with models vying for attention by showing off in skimpy attire, both Bakhar and Eva have found a niche among fans who prefer muscles. Bakhar has even earned the nickname "Miss Iron Bum" for her rock-solid physique, garnering plenty of attention from fitness websites and men's magazines.

The two have had slightly different paths to fame. As Generation Iron noted, Eva started her career as a bodybuilder in her native Brazil, where she won a number of titles and gained international fame that helped to launch her Instagram modeling career.

Bakhar's path to gain the eye-popping muscles she has today was more accidental. As The Inquisitr noted, Bakhar said that she was once so skinny that she was mocked as a child, and she then decided to go to the gym to start working out. Though she didn't have an exact gameplan, Bakhar said she was hooked once she saw her muscles starting to come in.

But unlike Eva, Bakhar said she's not one for the competitive bodybuilding circuit.

"Currently I have no interest in competing," she shared, via Female Muscle.

"I have been competing in the category bikini fitness, but really have no interest. You have to be a very restricted diet, no carbohydrates, the training does not yield when you have no energy. I do not want to expose myself to such torture, perhaps in the future."
While their paths may be different, both Bakhar Nabieva and Eva Andressa have reached the same destination -- international fame and two of the biggest Instagram followings among all fitness models.