'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Beta's Backstory Is Revealed

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 2 (titled "We Are the End of the World") of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Beta (Ryan Hurst) and Alpha's (Samantha Morton) backstory was to be revealed in Episode 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10. The episode did not disappoint, although, those wanting to find out why Beta always covers his face will have to wait a little longer, according to Entertainment Weekly. However, The Walking Dead showrunner, Angela Kang, did confirm that Beta's true identity will be revealed at some point in the hit zombie apocalypse series.

As for how Alpha and Beta first met, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 10 revealed a backstory from seven years prior to the events that unfolded in last week's episode. Alpha and her daughter, Lydia (Havana Blum), are on the run and find refuge in a hospital. During this time, they come into contact with Beta, who is not yet named Beta but already hiding his identity by way of a ski mask.

Ryan Hurst as Beta and Samantha Morton as Alpha, as seen in Episode 2 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Season 10
AMC | Jace Downs

Alpha, who doesn't go by that name yet, is showing early signs of the person seen in recent episodes of The Walking Dead. She is covering herself in walker blood and walking among the undead to avoid detection. Lydia is not coping well with this situation and is wearing headphones in order to cut out the sound of the undead while they travel among them.

As pointed out by Kang, the medical building that Beta was staying at during the apocalypse is likely a rehab facility, which indicates that he struggled with some sort of addiction prior to the zombie apocalypse. Kang also points out that this location is somewhat of a safe place for Beta and that is why he wound up there after the initial outbreak.

However, thanks to the revelation in Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 10 of the death of someone close to Beta, he wound up stuck in the location, unable -- and unwilling -- to leave this walker-version of his friend behind.

Alpha sees potential in Beta and a bond is formed -- until she unwittingly kills this undead friend of Beta's. While Beta initially goes berserk at the death, Alpha turns it around and the episode ends with Beta taking the face and shirt of his friend and so the tentative beginnings of the Whisperers are formed.

While the latest episode of The Walking Dead explained how Alpha and Beta first met, there is still plenty of details to be explored between these characters and viewers will just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead in order to find out more.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 20, with Episode 3, titled "Ghosts."