Kaia Gerber, 18, Stuns With No Pants On Instagram

Kaia Gerber has delivered a stunning social media update. The daughter of Cindy Crawford is still considered somewhat of a mini-me as fans compare her to her mother, but the model is fast-rising in the fashion world. Kaia has been walking the runway for major designers throughout Fashion Weeks this season, although Paris Fashion Week did bring an awkward moment as Kaia suffered a wardrobe malfunction in a see-through shirt.

Kaia's Instagram update today involves some swiping – anyone wishing to see the star's sensational and bare legs will need to swipe to the right. The update also appeared to show four looks in total, with the model seen celebrating her upcoming feature with Vogue magazine next month.

The first photo showed Kaia fully clothed. The brunette was photographed strutting her stuff in an all-white outfit with artistic floral details. The snap was also in black-and-white. Some color arrived in the second image. Kaia looked stunning as she sat on the floor and rocked a chunky beige sweater. The no-pants look seemed to be flaunting the star's killer legs, with some loose fabrics in green matching what appeared to be small greenery branches on the floor next to Kaia. The third and fourth snaps stuck to the color mode. The model was seen rocking both a white dress plus an unusual, swirl-print one.

Kaia is definitely rising as an "it" girl. The star may have a way to go before reaching the fame seen by models such as Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, but Kaia is younger. The teenager started modeling for Versace as a child, although the boost from being Cindy's daughter likely helped. As for how Kaia feels about her mom, it seems pretty simple: Kaia worships the legendary supermodel.In an interview with Byrdie, Kaia was asked who her beauty icon is.

"My beauty icon has always been my mom. I think she looks beautiful when she's smiling and she's herself; she's taught me natural beauty and true beauty," Kaia said of her famous mother.

As for the star's overall beauty regimen, that also appears to be a basic deal.

"I try to keep my skincare routine simple. I think the best thing that anyone has ever told me in regards to skincare is that less is more. I try to keep my routine clean, especially when I'm not working," the star added.

Kaia has 4.8 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Kaia should give her account a follow.