Kelly Ripa Flaunts Killer Body In Spandex Sports Bra On Instagram

Kelly Ripa has a killer body — no two ways about it. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host turns heads every time she wears a minidress, with fans of the 50-year-old proving pretty into her sensational pins. Kelly even lifted up her minidress recently to afford a great view of them. As to photos of Kelly in a sports bra, these are few and far between, with the television host generally opting out of posting too many workout snaps to her social media.

Kelly's rock-hard body seems to have made an appearance on her Instagram today. It came as an Instagram story that seemed to be showing as much of the star's gym-honed body as it did humor. As fans will have seen, the story appeared to be a repost from daughter Lola Grace, with Lola herself appearing a touch embarrassed that the photo was in the digital space.

The photo showed Kelly on a workout bench. While the snap didn't include the star's frame full-length, it did showcase her sensational muscles and overall slender physique. Kelly was seen rocking a flesh-colored sports bra in spandex materials, with space between it and a dark-colored pair of sweatpants showcasing plenty of the lean body that Kelly is so renowned for. It also looked like Lola had her thoughts.

"Mom u need to take this down now...Seriously, it makes me so uncomfortable...Right now...You can't post these things...."
Given that Kelly reposted the story, it can be assumed that she was in the mood to prove that Lola's opinion doesn't matter too much to her.

Kelly's social media has been showing some impressive — and unusual — fitness of late. The star has posted snaps of herself en pointe in ballerina mode, with Kelly even managing to acquire a Guinness World Record for getting a record number of ballerinas on their toes at the same time.

Amazingly, Kelly is 50 — and she doesn't look it. Speaking to The Cut, the star revealed that her body does seem to come blessed from above.

"I was talking to a cardiologist and he said to make sure your heart beats out of your chest every day. The more you exercise, the healthier it is. And I can be honest: My body looks like Peter Pan no matter what I do. I've never been a va-va-voom woman," Kelly said.

Kelly's killer legs made an appearance on her daytime show today; anyone watching it will have seen the star rocking a cute minidress with electric yellow heels. Fans wishing to see more of Kelly should follow her Instagram.