Ex 'Teen Mom OG' Farrah Abraham Hypes Her Dad's Third Marriage To 'Step Monster' Amy As Haters Get Vicious

Farrah Abraham turned up in Austin, Texas, to attend her dad's marriage to his third wife. The Teen Mom OG star seemed very excited about the happy event.

Farrah's dad photo-bombed her most recent upload while he wore a grape-leaf crown, indicating the nature of the toga-themed wedding. He held a beautiful bunch of flowers and seemed in good cheer as his daughter shared her father's news. Farrah also indicated that she was serving as the best woman for her dad as opposed to the groom having picked a best man.

Farrah was wearing white in the short Instagram video, and she had her brown hair down but pulled back from her face with the help of a festive ribbon. The former reality star wore a full face of makeup, including groomed and darkened brows, black mascara and liner, a bit of smoky shadow and neutral-colored lipstick. She rocked small pearl earrings, and her manicured nails had been painted with pink polish.

Among her 2.1 million followers, nearly 40,000 likes were applied to her most recent post within three hours of being uploaded. During the same time frame, more than 145 comments were delivered by all kinds of followers, some of whom received a comment from Farrah in return.

"Step monster is a little harsh isn't it...." asked one concerned person.

"Inside joke your not inside on," Farrah responded, with more followers correcting her spelling.

Other comments were not at all interactive but were not as nice as the reactions to one of Farrah's recent Instagram uploads in which the haters seemed to stay away for the most part.

"Aww talking plastic," said one negative follower.

"No one wants to marry you tho??‍" stated another person who seemed to be acting in a nasty way toward the former Teen Mom OG.

"So much Botox she can't move your face too bad you can only move your mouth," stated a third naysayer.

Other fans and followers apparently wanted to help Farrah fight off the haters.

"Why [does] that matter if he getting married for the 3rd time? Be happy for him."
"Why do people follow people to just hate on their every move... people need to realise blowing other peoples candles out doesnt make theirs shine any brighter???" asked one caring person.

"For his sake, Farrah, disable the comments. Don't let the haters ruin this special day," stated another fan, who wanted Farrah's dad to enjoy his wedding day with unnecessary distraction.

Hopefully, that is exactly what happened on October 14 when her dad married for the third time. From the looks of things, it seemed like the man of the hour was having a blast.

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