Kathy Griffin Slams Video Shown At Trump Resort That Shows Her Being Killed By Fictitious Donald Trump

Kathy Griffin, the comedian who once tweeted a photo of herself holding a prop that represented the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump, has condemned a video, shown at a Trump hotel, that shows her being murdered, HuffPost reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Sunday night a conference took place at Trump National Doral in Miami, which was attended by Donald Trump Jr., former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. During the conference, which was put on by pro-Trump political group America Priority, a video was shown that depicted a fictitious Donald Trump stabbing, assaulting, and murdering various enemies at the "Church of Fake News."

The White House has "strongly condemned" the video.

One of the people who appeared in the video was Kathy Griffin, an outspoken Trump critic who has herself been involved in a controversy regarding Donald Trump and a fictitious murder.

Back in 2017, Griffin posted a video to her Instagram and Twitter accounts showing her holding a prop that represented the severed, bloody head of Donald Trump. In the captions, she wrote, "I caption this 'there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his...wherever," which was a reference Trump had made about journalist Megyn Kelly.

The incident derailed Griffin's career and almost destroyed it, causing her to lose a sponsorship deal and be fired from a couple of upcoming jobs. She later apologized for the video, then retracted her apology. She later appeared to reference the controversy in the title of her 2017-2018 "Laugh Your Head Off" world tour.

In a tweet Sunday night, Griffin referenced the damage her own Donald Trump-related incident did to her career.

"I'm [sic] depicted as being murdered by The President of the United States in this video. The left, right & center left me hanging out to dry regarding the Trump mask photo. Please don't let it happen again. No, this video isn't a joke to his followers. And it will not be taken as such."
It bears noting that, in the fake video, it wasn't actually the fake Donald Trump that metaphorically killed Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin is not the only entity depicted as being murdered in the video to come out in condemnation. In a statement, CNN, which is also metaphorically killed in the video, noted that "this is not the first time that supporters of the president have promoted violence against the media," but called it "far and away the worst."