Salma Hayek Goes Bare-Bootied On Instagram, Fans Go Wild

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Salma Hayek is driving her fans wild. The actress took to Instagram earlier today with what appeared to be a fully nude shot, although the post itself didn’t seem to have nudity as its agenda. The 53-year-old was, however, celebrating a major milestone for reaching 12 million followers on the platform.

Salma has made Instagram explode before; the star celebrated her 53 years in a neon turquoise bikini earlier this year.

Today brought no bikinis (and no clothing).

The photo showed Salma lying on her front. Salma was seen on a white sheet, with the camera mostly appearing to take in her face. That said, the lens had also captured the star’s peachy and curvy rear, with Salma herself appearing fully nude as she received acupuncture treatment. It didn’t seem that Hayek was in any pain, although her mouth was slightly parted. The star appeared with her luscious brown locks worn down, with warming makeup accentuating her features by virtue of defined brows, smoky eye shadow, plus discreet foundation.

A gushing caption from the actress thanked all of her Instagram followers for their backing. It also seemed to suggest a little disbelief at having reached 12 million followers. The star also used her native Spanish tongue, with the caption further including a mention that 12 needles had been used to represent her 12 million followers.

Fans are going wild. In fact, a fair few seemed to want more.

“That’s not a very good picture of where the needles go. Could we get a better one please…For medical purposes of course,” one user wrote.

“Wowww” was all another could manage.

“We need the full photo, you can’t trick us like that, Salma,” one fan jokingly said.

“WOOW Mamasita” was another comment.

The photo also managed to rack up a staggering 145,000-plus likes in under 40 minutes.

Salma does seem to be defying her age. The actress’s smoldering sex appeal hasn’t gone anywhere, with fans appearing to find her as alluring as ever.

As to how Salma stays in great shape, fans have gotten an insight into it. The Mexican opened up to Closer some years ago, although she admitted that exercise was a bit of a chore for her.

“I don’t like to exercise, so I have to force myself to do it, because I know it’s good for my health,” Salma told the magazine. “Usually if I’m home it’s easier to establish an exercise routine, but when I’m out of town shooting a movie it becomes more complicated. When I’m in Los Angeles I try to do pilates every week.”

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