'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Michael Attacks Brad And Nelle's Intent On Gaining Parole

A new sneak peek filled with enticing General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 14 has just emerged, and it is definitely a buzzworthy clip. Nelle is facing a parole hearing, and it appears that this will lead to blows between two key men in her orbit. There's lots of other chaos coming this week, too, and fans will not want to miss any of the drama.

The preview video shared via Instagram shows that Nelle will be counting on her lawyer Martin to pull this off. In fact, General Hospital spoilers show Nelle telling Martin that she expects to be free that very evening, so the pressure is certainly on for this supposedly amazing attorney.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Brad will attend Nelle's parole hearing, as she insisted. Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will infuriate Michael. Nelle, Michael, and Brad will somehow end up in a room together, and Michael is seen lunging at Brad and shoving him.

It seems pretty likely that Michael will be furious to see Brad actively trying to help Nelle get out of prison, considering all she did to Michael. Of course, what Michael doesn't know is that Brad has little choice but to cave to Nelle's demands, since at any moment, she could expose the truth about "Wiley" being Nelle and Michael's son, Jonah.

This juicy preview also shows that Lucas will be quite direct and serious in pushing Brad to come clean about whatever he's hiding. Lucas has noticed Brad's anxiety over the past few months, and things are only getting worse. Now, General Hospital spoilers detail that Lucas will make it clear to his husband that he wants honest answers about what has Brad so jittery.

Of course, Brad will scramble and come up with yet another lie, as he isn't about to tell Lucas that they're really raising Michael's supposedly-dead biological son. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that the truth might finally come out relatively soon.

The weekly sneak peek also shares that Jason will be feeling guilty as Sam is led away in handcuffs, but he's not about to give up hope on clearing her name. Kim will have an awkward run-in with Elizabeth, and Soap Central notes that this will turn into a heated exchange as the battle over Franco continues.

Chase will be visiting Ryan in Pentonville, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he'll have the issue of Crimson featuring Ava. Ryan will lunge at Chase, and viewers are anxious to see what else is on the way with this visit. Ava will collapse into her brother Julian's arms, seemingly in distress over something that is likely connected to Ryan.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is more with the Sasha situation coming as well, and viewers have a lot to look forward to during the episodes slated to air during the week of October 14.