Hilary Duff Looks Smoking Hot Pumping Gas In Snakeskin Pants

Hilary Duff has been pumping gas – and doing it in eye-catching clothing. The Younger actress was photographed by The Daily Mail recently, with the newspaper's images appearing to prove that even Hollywood stars pump their own gas. Then again, since Hilary rocked Gucci shoes as she fueled up her vehicle, it looked like the 32-year-old wasn't willing to forego her love of designer brands.

Celebrities rocking Gucci footwear seems to be a bit of a thing. Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele recently spread her legs in Gucci boots for an Instagram post.

Photos showed Hilary at a gas station in Beverly Hills, California. The blonde was seen filling up on fuel, per the newspaper's report, with Hilary having opted for a racy wardrobe. The star was seen rocking a tight pair of snakesin pants. Space between them and a black crop top flashed hints of midriff. The sexy ensemble was paired with a flat pair of black mules from the aforementioned Italian brand.

Hilary was also seen wearing gold hoop earrings and discreet bracelet jewelry. Hilary seemed to have gone low-key on the glam front, though. The star was photographed with her long blonde hair worn down in a fuss-free way, with little in the way of makeup.

Hilary may have moved on since her Disney days, but it looks like the old Lizzie McGuire character is set to return. A reboot has been confirmed. Hilary has spoken out about resuming her Lizzie role. In an interview, the star explained why she thought it was the right time to reprise playing the character."It's been in talks for so many years with Disney, and I kept a great relationship with them. It's so great that I can talk about this now! [Laughs.] I obviously love Lizzie so much," the star told Vulture.

"We're connected and tethered at the soul for life. It just wasn't right until now. I wasn't excited or moved with any of the ideas I heard, or I wasn't coming up with any ideas myself to pitch. I didn't just want to come back because everybody loved her from a moment in time that stuck with them for a lifetime," Hilary added.

Hilary is set to play and older and wiser version of her famous character. Fans wishing to see more of Hilary should give her Instagram a follow. The account seems to showcase Hilary's much-adored carefree vibes, plus her motherhood journey.