Miley Cyrus Rocks Nothing But A Bra, Touches Tongues With Cody Simpson In Bizarre Video

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are not shy about flaunting their budding romance for all to see. This weekend, the new couple shared a bizarre video from their bedroom that showcased some major PDA between the pair.

In the strange clip, Miley and Cody lie in bed together. Both singers are scantily clad as Simpson goes shirtless while Cyrus wears nothing but a black bra that showed off her ample cleavage, flat tummy, and toned arms.

It appears that Miley and Cody were playing around with Instagram's wild filters and found a creepy clown one that they liked. Both Cyrus and Simpson are seen with scary clown makeup on their faces as they snuggle up together in bed. Later they look at one another, stick their tongues out and touch them together as Miley grabs her chest.

The "Slide Away" singer had her long, blond hair worn down as it cascaded around her while she rested her head on a white pillow. She accessorized with small gold earrings and a chain around her neck. Meanwhile, Cody's blond hair was perfectly coifed as usual, and he also donned a chain around his neck while showing off some of the tattoos on his chest.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Miley and Cody have been friends for a long time. However, their romance came as a big surprise to many fans due to Cyrus' recent splits with husband Liam Hemsworth and girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, both of which came in the past few months.

Liam has since moved on to 22-year-old Australian actress Maddison Brown. The couple were seen holding hands in New York City last week, per Cosmo.

Recently, Cody spoke out about his romance with Miley, revealing that they've been close for a long time and that the romance was inevitable.

"We just have a ball and that's the most important part of a relationship. The reason why it's not like … it hasn't been a really crazy sudden thing is we've been friends for so long that when we sort of found each other again in a space where … We both met back in the day when we were partying a lot. We had a lot of fun then … but now we've found each other in a space where we're not partying, working real hard and just like [to] keep things healthy," he told Us Weekly Magazine.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of both Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson by following the couple on their social media accounts, where they are both very active.