Marie Osmond Reveals Hilarious Gift She Got From Her Daughter For Her 60th Birthday

Victoria Miller

Marie Osmond laughed her way to age 60. The legendary singer turned 60-years-old over the weekend, and she revealed that humor runs in her family as she posted a photo of a hilarious gift from her daughter and son-in-law.

In a post to Instagram and Facebook, the only Osmond sister shared a photo of Jesus with a "see you soon" message in reference to her "advanced" age. Marie added that she knows age is just a number because based on her sense of humor, she's "obviously 10 years old."

Marie added that she shares a birthday with her late father, George Osmond, who passed away in 2007.

"Happy Birthday to my Birthday Buddy in Heaven, it's NOT the same without you!" Marie wrote.

The star then pointed to her family's humor with a photo of her "gift" from daughter, Brianna, and son-in-law, David Schwep. The photo showed a small wedding cake and a plate of raw meat. Marie captioned the pic to explain the bizarre gift.

"When I'm asked if I'd like something, I always respond with, 'Yes please, a side of beef and a wedding cake'... Brianna said 'well now you got everything you always asked for.' Humor runs deep in our family."

"I am in good company though, because Barbie and I are the same age — we're 1959ers, although she's aging better and that really ticks me off! " Marie cracked.

Speaking of the Osmond brothers, Marie's eldest siblings will give her the greatest gift of all. As The Inquisitr shared last week, in honor of Marie's 60th birthday, the four original Osmond brothers — Alan, Merrill, Wayne, and Jay — will perform live together for the last time ever on The Talk on Monday. Marie joined the CBS chatfest as a co-host earlier this year.