Maya Hawke Flashes Sideboob While Wearing Nothing But An Upside-Down Jacket In Instagram Video

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke had her Instagram followers going wild over a video that she recently shared on the social media platform.

On Sunday night, the 21-year-old actress uploaded a video that was filmed at Loyal Studios in Burbank. The studio specializes in video shoots that require green screens, and Maya's caption seemed to suggest that she was filming a scene for the 2020 film Mainstream. Her video was part of an Instagram slideshow that included a black-and-white photo of her face and bare shoulders. In the image, she's covered with glitter.

The sparkly substance is also visible in Maya's video. Someone filmed her walking down the hall of the studio, which has framed photos of celebrities covering the walls. The actress appears to be completely naked, aside from the upside-down denim jacket that she's using to cover herself up with. She's holding it in place with one hand behind her back, and she has a water bottle in her other hand.

Maya Hawke is talking as she walks down the hall, and she keeps turning around to address the camera. When she does this, she occasionally flashes a small amount of sideboob. Because she's using the jacket to keep her torso covered, she's also showing off a lot of leg.

As Maya Hawke walks, she talks about what it's like being a celebrity. Even though she just recently rose to fame playing Scoops Ahoy employee Robin on Stranger Things, she's grown up around Hollywood; her mother is Pulp Fiction star Uma Thurman, and her father is Before Sunrise actor Ethan Hawke.

"Welcome, this is the life of a movie star," Maya says in her video. "If you were ever wondering what it was like to be famous, this is it. It's very glamorous and sexy, and everyone wants to sleep with you and kiss you all the time, and give you lots of free food and free clothes and free alcohol. Basically, I just never pay for a thing myself."

At the end of the video, Maya takes a drink of her water and laughs.

"I'm drunk right now," she says.

Hawke's Instagram video was an instant hit, earning her over 140,000 likes in just one hour. In the video's caption, she explained that the dark round marks that are visible on her back were from cupping, not an octopus attack.

According to Refinery 29, cupping therapy is the practice of placing suction cups on the skin. It's a form of alternative medicine that is used to address a wide variety of health issues, including pain and poor circulation. While there's little science backing up its effectiveness, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are two famous fans of the practice.

However, most of Maya Hawke's Instagram followers weren't focused on the cupping marks on her back.

"The way u dont even realize how sexy this is," read one response to her post.

"She's so hot I can't deaaalll," another admirer wrote.

Fans can find out why Maya was all covered in glitter when Mainstream is released next year. Stranger Things has also been renewed for a fourth season, so viewers can look forward to seeing more of Robin and the rest of the Scoops Ahoy team.