Blac Chyna Rocks Small Bikini Top & Poses On A Pile Of Packing Peanuts

Blac Chyna recently posted a video of herself rocking shapewear. And yesterday, she shared a new Instagram photo that has her fans talking. The update, which has racked up over 130,000 likes, showed her posing on a large pile of packing peanuts.

Chyna wore what appeared to be a Burberry bikini top, with a matching puffy jacket beside her. The bikini was small, and left her sideboob showing. She also rocked a pair of shiny thigh-high boots.

She also wore a light pink wig, which she styled with a high ponytail. Her makeup consisted of dark purple eyeshadow, which was highlighted with a dab of pink and silver. She gave a coy look with her lips slightly parted, wearing lipstick that seemed to match her hair color well.

The backdrop was also eye-catching, as she sat next to a small box. However, behind her, the wall was entirely covered by a large piece of cardboard. This created the illusion that Chyna was sitting inside of a huge, cardboard box.

Fans left plenty of compliments for the model in the comments section.

"Girl I thought this was a single cover," said a fan.

"I am so obsessed with your ink," said another fan.

"This is so hot... How do hell do u manage to do all this," asked a follower.

"Hop in that box and get shipped to me," joked another follower.

"Everything baddd @blacchyna. Ps may I have your wig," asked an Instagram fan.

Chyna wears a variety of wigs, and sometimes they're colorful and very eye-catching. She even opened up previously to Revolt, and discussed in an interview the possibility of launching a wig line.

"That's definitely something I've been considering. It would just have to be perfect! I'm very hands on with all my business dealings because anything I do is a direct reflection of me," she said.

In addition to this update, she also shared another photo of herself an hour ago. It showed her in a more conservative outfit. She lounged in a tan chair, and wore a yellow ensemble. The top was long-sleeved with an off-the-shoulder cut. She wore matching pants, which hugged her curves.

Chyna wore her hair down in a middle part, and half of her long locks fell in front of her left shoulder. Her makeup included silver eyeshadow, along with glossy lipstick. She also rocked a dark lip liner.

This update has received over 20,000 likes so far.

Blac Chyna's fans can hope for more updates from her in the coming days.