Cosplay Artist Yaya Han Exposes Chest In Halloween-Themed Instagram Post

Cosplay artist Yaya Han took to Instagram this week to post an advertisement for her online store's Halloween sale. To get attention for the sale, the model dressed up in an NSFW version of a unicorn to help draw fans in and get them to make purchases. Most of her followers probably just focused on Yaya herself, however, though for good reason.

Yaya was killing her look. She wore a tight corset that barely contained her ample assets, putting her massive cleavage on full display. The black garment featured silver eye-hooks that helped draw attention to the model's bust area. She also added a high-necked collar with a lace frill. The ensuing cutout of her décolletage all but ensured fans directed their attention to her voluptuous curves.

The collar seemed to be attached to long lace sleeves, although the two pieces could be separate. Yaya posed with her arms lifted up toward her face. While the pose also brought attention to her chest, her arm position was able to give fans a closer look at the lace detailing of the cuffs and sleeves.

She paired the corset with a red miniskirt that was also covered in black lace. The skirt's lace seemed to be of a similar pattern to the sleeves, so the two pieces may have been intended to be worn together. She also sported a purple ombre wig styled in bombshell curls that cascaded past her shoulders and ended next to her exposed chest, once again drawing more attention to that area. She also wore dark, black and red unicorn ears on her head to help add a theme to her look.

Yaya chose to go glam for the shot, sporting a gorgeous full face of makeup. She wore matching red and purple eyeshadow that she accented with a statement cat-eye eyeliner and black lashes. She also had darkened brows and put on a reddish blush, contouring her face. Finally, she added a deep purple matte lipstick to complete her look.

While Yaya might not be as popular as some other cosplay artists on Instagram, she does boast a following of over 600,000 followers, and she keeps increasing in popularity. According to her website, Yaya Han, the 39-year-old has been designing and creating costumes and other fashion pieces since 1999. Her site also has a listing of all of the previous conventions she's attended, of which there have been many, as well as her upcoming events. She often gets invited to various cosplay events as a judge or guest competitor.

But Yaya isn't only found on the con circuit. She was a judge on King of the Nerds and also was featured in the Heroes of Cosplay documentary created by the SyFy network that focused on the art of cosplay, as seen on her IMDb page.

Fans who would like to keep up with all of Yaya's looks and convention appearances can follow her on Instagram.