Cosplay Sensation Jessica Nigri Poses Topless In New Instagram Update

"Queen of Cosplay" Jessica Nigri likes to update her Instagram frequently for her fans. Just two days ago, the model posted a very NSFW version of one of the new Pokemon video game characters set to debut next month when Pokemon Sword and Shield drops. Today's snap was also based off of an anime character, although not from the Pokemon franchise. Jessica chose to portray a very sexy version of Mitsuri Kanroji, a character portrayed in the Kimetsu Yaiba anime and manga series.

Mitsuri Kanroji is a sword-wielder known as the "Love Pillar." In her series, she slays demons using special powers and training. Therefore, the cosplay artist chose to design her costume with Mitsuri's signature piece prominently displayed, covering Jessica's own signature assets.

The photo saw Jessica pose topless, using nothing but Mitsuri's sword to keep her modest enough to not get censored. The resulting image left very little to the imagination. Jessica's ample bust was on full display, showing massive amounts of underboob as well as a deep cleavage. The photo was taken from the front, so no real sideboob was seen, but there was enough showing to more than please her 3.8 million followers.

As Mitsuri is known for her cherry blossom outfits, Jessica chose to incorporate them into her look. She posed in front of a background of the pink flowers and also had a large blossom attached to the front of her kimono, on the green and pink band that was tightened to accentuate her small waist.

The kimono itself also had a floral, pink and white design. Although the garment appeared to have sleeves, Jessica chose to push them completely off her shoulders, gathering an excess of material around her waist area. This allowed the cosplay sensation to show off her toned arms and exposed her entire décolletage for her fans.

She styled the look with a full face of makeup, sporting dramatic black cat eyeliner, thick lashes covered in black mascara, and hot pink eyeshadow. She also wore a light blush on her cheeks and a rose pink gloss on her lips.

As Mitsuri's colors are pink and green, Jessica styled her wig in those matching neon colors, braiding the hair back in the character's signature look and adding a cherry blossom in her hair. She also painted her nails neon green to match the overall outfit.

The post proved to be extremely popular, gaining over 290,000 likes and 3,600 comments after being live for only a day. Many fans took to the comments section to participate in her cosplay giveaway, leaving pink flower emoji. Others commented on her stunning figure, mentioning everything from her gorgeous face to her flawless figure.

Fans who would like to keep up with Jessica's latest cosplays can follow her on Instagram.