Anastasia Skyline Exposes Chest In See-Through Nude Bodysuit

Anastasia Skyline takes a selfie.
Anastasia Skyline / Instagram

Anastasia Skyline has been tantalizing her 2.2 million Instagram followers with a steady stream of revealing photos. This includes her newest picture, which she posted earlier today. The model was spotted in a revealing, see-through outfit that left little to the imagination. The picture can’t be shared here, but you can check it out on her Instagram page.

Skyline was spotted posing indoors, as she rocked a nude, see-through bodysuit. It featured glittering accents throughout. Because the model didn’t wear a bra underneath, her chest was on full display. The model noted in the captions that her previous image was deleted.

Anastasia faced the camera straight-on while placing her right hand on her cheek and resting her left hand on her midriff. She wore her hair down in a middle part, but brushed it to either side of her chest. She kept things simple in the accessories department, rocking a gold bracelet and no necklace.

The model pursed her lips for the shot while wearing pink lipstick. She also rocked a light tan manicure.

Fans seemed to love the photo, and it’s been liked over 43,000 times so far. Many followers left her compliments in the comments section.

“You so much more amazingly sexy than the other models tbh,” said a fan.

“It’s impossible not to notice your beauty. This is something incredible because it not only pleases my eyes, but also warms my heart,” said another fan.

Other followers had comments on the reported censorship.

“That is so beautiful photo of you absolutely don’t understand what kind of people are working for Instagram!!!” exclaimed a follower.

“I was wondering if it was going to be deleted. It’s a shame,” said another follower.

“Unbelievable they deleted a picture of the most sexybody in the World..!?” said a fan.

It’s hard to know for sure what her initial photo looked like, it’s possible that the new post is a slightly censored version of the original.

In addition, the Russian bombshell previously shared another type of revealing photo. The Instagram post showed her spreading her legs while sporting neon lingerie. She sat in a bed and tugged at her bottoms with her hands.

Thanks to the sheer material of the bra, she left little to the imagination yet again. Skyline pursed her lips for the shot. The model wore her hair down with small waves at the bottom.

Prior to this, the model was spotted spreading her legs in a bikini.