DreamDoll Rocks Plunge Lace Teddy & Says ‘He Like How I Be Dressin’

Bennett RaglinGetty Images

DreamDoll has been keeping her Instagram fans clued in on her life with several Instagram updates lately. This included a photo of her rocking black lingerie, which garnered over 70,000 likes.

The update showed DreamDoll posing in front of a blank wall next to a set of stairs. She extended her right arm while crossing her right leg in front of her left.

The plunge teddy was black and lacy, and its revealing cut left her cleavage and midriff on display. The rapper accessorized with extra-large hoop earrings. She opted to go without a necklace. Her makeup included shimmery lipstick, along with mascara on her long lashes. She also wore her hair pulled up in a high bun.

You can check out the photo on her Instagram page.

Fans left tons of nice messages in the comments section for DreamDoll.

“Got d*m #glory#hallelujah #amen,” said a fan.

“This natural hair does it for me every time d*mn,” said another fan.

Other followers referred to the captions.

“I do lol but you didn’t have to tell them all @dreamdoll,” joked a follower.

“You should’ve said ‘I’m so fit, ion even eat salad, but he love how I’m dressin,'” suggested another follower.

In addition to this update, DreamDoll also shared another photo yesterday of herself in a yellow outfit. The photo set consisted of three images, with all of them showing her posing in front of a banana print. The banana was imprinted with the Louis Vuitton logo.

The rapper’s outfit was a light yellow shade and consisted of jeans and a matching jean jacket. She still infused a sexy vibe by striking a flirty pose for the second photo. Dreamdoll bent her knees and leaned forward slightly, showing off her derriere.

This update proved popular, garnering over 90,000 likes.

Fans have come to know and love the rapper for her playful and sometimes revealing photos. Her flirty personality was further explained when she opened up to Allure about how she chose her stage name.

“Me and my friends had a group called Doll Gang and all of us [were] different dolls. So mine was Dream. But I came up with a Dream because I used to seduce guys and just gas them up. That’s a New York term [for] making them feel like they’ve got a chance when they really don’t…,” she explained.

For now, the rapper’s fans can hope for more fun updates in the coming days.