Watch This Poor Pit Bull That Is Terrified Of Pineapples [Video]

One poor pooch on YouTube seems to take issue with the presence of a pineapple in her kitchen. The pit bull named Stella was barking in the kitchen and her owner, YouTube user Jolene Creighton, soon discovered why.

In the video, you see Stella the pit bull barking at the kitchen counter. At first, Jolene says she had no idea why the dog was causing such a scene. However, she soon realized that the problem was a pineapple. The pit bull took issue with the pineapple, and seemed somewhat terrified at the presence of the fruit.

"Stella, my pit bull, was barking at the counter for some unknown reason. It took me a second, but I finally figured out that she was afraid of the pineapple. I started to take a video, but had to stop when it became apparent that she was going to bark until the pineapple met its demise."

Jolene can be seen picking up the pineapple to show to the dog, but Stella wants nothing to do with the odd-looking fruit. In fact, she continues to bark even as Jolene holds the pineapple in her hand. Fortunately, Jolene was able to introduce Stella to the pineapple, and they soon became good friends. In a follow-up video, Stella the pit bull can be seen sniffing the pineapple without incident.

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