2-Year-Old Tied Up At Preschool For Refusing Nap

A two-year-old was tied up at preschool when she reportedly refused to take a nap. The complaint, filed with the Almeda County Department of Social Services, states that a former preschool teacher in Pleasanton, California used tape to bind the toddler’s wrists and ankles.

The incident reportedly occurred at the Centerpointe Christian Church and Preschool. Although the punishment reportedly happened several months ago, the church and parents did not find out until last week.

As reported by Contra Costa Times, the 2-year-old’s mother became aware of the incident when she attended a luncheon with the former teacher. The former preschool teacher reportedly wrapped masking tape around the toddler’s ankles and wrists when she refused to take a nap. Once the child was bound, she proceeded to take pictures with her cellphone.

The former teacher shared the pictures with the ladies in her lunch group, unaware that one of the attendees was the little girl’s mother.

The mother was outraged when she learned that her two-year-old was tied up at preschool for refusing to take a nap. She contacted the church and local authorities about the situation.

The Pleasanton Police Department alerted the Department of social services and has launched their own criminal investigation. The former teacher, as well as current Centerpointe Church and Preschool employees, will be questioned about the allegations.

Centerpointe Church official have released a statement, contending that the employee in question is no longer affiliated with the preschool. Additionally they deny that any knowledge of the incident prior to the mother’s complaint.

As reported by Fox News, the preschool will be closed for five days to allow for staff training. A professional will be working with preschool staff to assure that proper procedures are being followed.

The preschool has also sent a statement to parents inviting them to an informational meeting about the school’s procedures and policies.

Although Centerpointe officials believe 2-year-old being tied up was an isolated incident, they have started an internal investigation of all preschool staff.

[Image via Wikimedia]