‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Shows Off Cleavage, Biceps And Baby Bump In New Video

Lauren Drain Instagram

Lauren Drain, a fitness model, coach, and registered nurse might be six months pregnant but she isn’t letting that stop her from showing off her body.

In her newest video post on Instagram, she flaunts her biceps, cleavage, and baby bump as she rocks a sports bra and matching booty shorts. The caption revealed that Lauren was at a photoshoot for Iron Man Magazine and that she’s making history with the publication. She specifically expressed her honor at being featured on the cover of the “first ever IRON WOMAN’s issue,” representing women who are fit, as well as those who are both fit and pregnant.

Her fans cheered her on in the comments section of the post.

“That is f’n awesome!!” one fan wrote. “Hopefully it’ll help take away some of the negatives towards staying active during pregnancy.”

“Congratulations gorgeous!!” another wrote. “Can’t think of anyone that deserves it more!!”

“Such a strong mama,” a third person commented. “You’re glowing.”

As The Inquisitr reported, Lauren has discussed the topic of pregnancy and sex appeal a lot on her page. In one post she talked about her previous insecurities about flaunting her baby bump in bikinis because of society’s expectations of what it means to be a pregnant woman. But she confessed that the positive feedback she received from fans has encouraged her to fully embrace the changes that she is experiencing now that she is pregnant.

The video clip that goes along with the heartfelt caption currently has about 300,000 views and close to 1,000 comments.

Lauren has been documenting a lot of her pregnancy on her Instagram page. In a touching and well-produced video clip that includes overhead drone shots, she revealed that her daughter’s name will be Aria Skye. The name was written in the sand on a beach in The Bahamas as Lauren kissed her husband, Dave Kagan.

She announced the pregnancy on July 25 with a heartwarming photo of Dave kissing her baby bump as she wears a red string bikini. They had previously kept the secret from their followers and the photos of her before this did not hint to the fact that she was pregnant at the time.

Lauren’s very public pregnancy hints that she plans to share a lot of her parenting journey as well. She has also signed up for an Instagram account for her unborn daughter. The profile picture is currently an ultrasound photo and the bio says “arriving early 2020.”