Donald Trump Says Democrats Will Lose House Seats Over Impeachment, Demands End To Ukraine 'Witch Hunt'

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that Democrats will lose seats in the United States House of Representatives if they follow through on impeachment.

The president appears to be spending his Sunday night tweeting about political opponents, attacking prominent Democrats, and sharing messages from popular Fox News personalities.

In one of his most recent Twitter posts, the president said that Democrats will lose House seats over impeachment, and he also attacked House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

"The Democrats are going to lose a lot of House Seats because of their Fraudulent use of Impeachment. Schiff fabricated phone call, a crime," he wrote.

The president added that Democrats' seats in the United States Senate could also be in jeopardy, pointing to his rallies in the states of North Carolina and Louisiana.

"Democrat Senate Seats will also be put at risk, even some that were supposedly safe. Look at Louisiana last night, North Carolina last week!" he said.

In another Twitter post aimed at Schiff, Trump tagged Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, quoting the popular television personality and attacking the top Democrat.

Trump accused Schiff of misrepresenting the transcript of the Ukraine call during his testimony before the United States Congress.

"I never said this. Schiff made it up and read it to Congress & the American People," the president wrote.

"End Witch Hunt!" he demanded.

Although Trump has been taking aim at virtually all prominent Democrats in the country, he has been exceptionally aggressive toward Schiff, going as far as accusing him of treason.

The president is apparently upset with statements Schiff made during Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire's testimony.

During the testimony, Schiff misrepresented Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, making a number of false and misleading claims, according to fact-checkers.

Schiff misquoted Trump, heavily exaggerating the contents of the transcript. The top Democrat later defended himself arguing that his remarks had "meant to be at least part in parody."

Along with former Vice President Joe Biden, Schiff has become one of the central figures in the impeachment saga.

The House launched a formal impeachment inquiry following allegations that Trump had pressured the government of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, the former vice president's son. According to an anonymous whistleblower, Trump threatened to withdraw military aid unless the country's law enforcement launches a probe into the Biden family.

Since the launching of the inquiry, the president has not only doubled down on his allegations against Biden, he has also claimed that the impeachment inquiry is yet another "witch hunt" perpetrated by the Democratic Party.