October 13, 2019
Marie Osmond Is Left Speechless By Brother Donny's 60th Birthday Tribute

Donny and Marie Osmond have been a household name for many years. They had their own variety show together and have spent the past 11 years performing in Las Vegas. The famous brother-sister duo know each other pretty well by now and have nothing but love for each other. That's why it was extra special when Donny sent out a lovely tribute to his little sis for her 60th birthday on October 13.

It seems unbelievable that Marie Osmond has turned 60-years-old already. She is just one year younger than Donny, but they both seem to age so well. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the former teen heartthrob shared an old video of himself with his sister when they were just little tykes.

They looked to be about 5- or 6-years-old. They are seen dancing around the living room and laughing together. Donny is twirling her around enthusiastically and then they both break into doing the twist. The birthday girl seemed to have that dance down perfectly.

Donny then shared his heart. He let Marie know in the post how proud he is to be her brother and to have been able to spend so much time entertaining the world together over the years. He recalled having many great successes, but also great losses. The Osmond family lost both parents a few years ago; mom Olive in 2004, and father George in 2007.

Marie actually shares her dad's birthday, as she admitted on her Instagram. She also revealed that the one gift that she learned from her mother was to find humor in everything.

After Donny Osmond left his birthday note to his "partner in crime," Marie sent out a message of her own to her big brother saying that she was left speechless by what he said.
"It takes a lot for you to make me speechless AND tear up @DonnyOsmond but this did the trick!! I love you with all my heart!!! We have been through a lot together. You'll always be my best friend, co worker, partner in crime and always my big brother!!!"
Marie's birthday celebration will continue on Monday, October 14, on The Talk. The Inquisitr had previously reported that her older brothers will be performing together for the very last time on the afternoon talk show. Alan, Merrill, Wayne, and Jay are all set to take the stage one more time to help their sister celebrate her big milestone.

Be sure to watch The Talk on Monday to see the Osmond brothers back together again. It is expected to bring plenty of nostalgia to many viewers. You can also wish Marie Osmond a happy birthday on her Instagram.