‘General Hospital’ Comings & Goings: Ryan Causes Trouble, Nelle Pleads For Parole, And Peter Meets With ‘Roz’

Craig SjodinABC

There are some intriguing comings and goings ahead on General Hospital during the week of October 14. There may be a few new faces popping up, and viewers can count on seeing some lesser-used cast members utilized as things heat up in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Peter will be having a mystery meeting with a woman and this is surely related to his desperate attempt to keep his secrets hidden from Maxie. According to SheKnows Soaps, an actress named Nawal Bengholam will be portraying Roz, the mystery woman Peter meets with this week.

It sounds as if Roz will pop up more than once in the episodes ahead. General Hospital spoilers share that Peter will have an assignment for her, and viewers will learn more during Monday’s show.

Chloe Lanier will be featured in more scenes this week as Nelle. General Hospital spoilers detail that Nelle’s parole hearing will take place, and Brad will show up just as she had asked.

It sounds as if Michael E. Knight’s new character of Martin will be making waves this week, as the buzz is that he’ll be doing his best to get Nelle released from prison.

Brad is on the brink of falling apart as he tries to maintain the big secret about Wiley, and others will be taking notice. Soap Central indicates that Brad will face questions from Curtis and concern from Lucas as his strange behavior escalates.

Ryan will be causing some major trouble this week, so Jon Lindstrom will be reprising the role of Kevin’s dastardly twin brother again. So far, Ryan’s been locked up at Pentonville as he continues to toy with Ava. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll do something significant this week that will require Chase’s attention to try to sort through.

Bradford Anderon’s Spinelli should be continuing his investigation, but General Hospital spoilers haven’t detailed whether Brian Gross will be back this week as Bryce. Viewers will probably see some glimpses of Carly and Sonny’s new baby Donna, played by twins Ella and Emma Hulen.

General Hospital spoilers also note that Maxie’s son James has been recast, but it’s not known yet when viewers will get their first glimpse of the character’s new look.

Technically, James celebrated his first birthday recently. Despite that, with Caleb and Kyler Ends taking over as James, it looks as if Maxie’s son is doing a bit of rapid aging.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, fans have been doing plenty of speculating and campaigning over the possibilities of bringing Ric Lansing, Morgan Corinthos, or Nikolas Cassadine back to Port Charles. So far, none of those returns appear to certain as of yet, but General Hospital spoilers do suggest plenty of other juicy developments coming soon.

Who is this mysterious Roz and what will Peter try to do now to escape having his current life unravel? When will Anna return and will she be dropping any bombshells once she’s back in Port Charles? When will people finally get a glimpse of Hayden and Finn’s daughter?

General Hospital spoilers hint that it’ll be a big week of action that will have fans buzzing. It is almost time for the November sweeps, and it seems that there is lots of chaos on the horizon.