Marvin Gaye’s Ex Urges Jesse L. Martin To Bow Out Of Biopic

The Marvin Gaye biopic Sexual Healing has been in turmoil for years. Not it’s looking as though it’s finally picking up steam with the bizarre casting of Lenny Kravitz, which was announced earlier in the year. However, it was announced just last week that Jesse L. Martin is going to be replacing him in what is seen by many as a far superior choice.

Jesse L. Martin was involved in initial talks to play Gaye before the film had stalled. Now that Jesse L. Martin has signed back on to portray Gaye, Marvin’s ex is urging Martin to back out of the role.

As it turns out, Kravitz quickly exited the biopic on his own, and some believe it was because of the appeals he received by Marvin Gaye’s son Marvin Gaye III to drop out of the production.

Now it’s Martin’s turn to receive the heat from those who were closest to the Motown singer. Janis Gaye, the ex wife of Marvin Gaye told NY Daily News about Kravitz decision to bow out:

“Ultimately, I think it was Lenny’s heart and soul and conscience that caused him to step away. Hopefully, that touches Jesse in the same way… I don’t think Marvin is a very happy spirit right now.”

Janis Gaye has the right to at least worry about the biopic’s depiction of the late singer. There’s an enormous amount of controversy surrounding the death of Marvin Gaye, who was shot by his father in their South Gramercy Place in Western Heights in Los Angeles. Gaye was shot twice following intervening in an argument between his mother and father. Furthermore throughout Gaye’s years as a Motown singer, there has been speculation of cocaine abuse as well.


Janis claims that depictions of Marvin Gaye in the Sexual Healing biopic may manipulate his image, saying:
“Some of the characterizations, like saying Marvin’s father killing him was a ‘mercy killing,’ you can only imagine how that makes the kids feel. It makes me feel bad enough.”

Would you be interested in seeing a film on Marvin Gaye?