Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Cleavage In Revealing Cheerleader Outfit

Bang Energy girl Lindsey Pelas just tried to help her Instagram followers get all pumped up for NFL Sunday with a steamy new video. However, her barely-there cheerleader costume might make her fans want to watch her video ad over and over again instead of tuning in to any of the big games.

On Sunday, the Playboy model took to Instagram to share the promotional video for Bang Energy, a drink brand that employs many attractive models. It also produces sexy ads that help curvaceous social media stars who don't mind showing a little skin attract even more followers. The drink company's most recent video starring Lindsay Pelas is geared toward football fans. It's completely in slow motion, and it begins with a shot of the blonde bombshell staring seductively at the camera with her piercing light green eyes.

Lindsay is wearing a tiny white crop top that's tied underneath her ample bust, and the small shirt can barely contain her curves with its plunging V-neck. It also features an extremely long tie that dangles between her legs when she's standing up in the video.

Lindsay has her long platinum blonde locks curled, and her lips are painted a pretty pink shade. She's shown lifting a piece of popcorn up to her plump pout before the video cuts to a shot of her grabbing a can of Bang Energy drink and guzzling it down. It's revealed that her top is part of a sexy cheerleader costume that includes a dark blue pleated skirt. The super-short garment shows off the top portion of her lean legs.

Lindsey Pelas waves a pair of small gold pompoms around in the video, and she's shown watching a football game on TV. In one scene, she's seated on top of a table with her back to the camera. The barest hint of skin is visible beneath her skirt, which is so short that it doesn't completely cover up her backside when she sits down.

Many of the model's Instagram followers responded to her post with football-themed comments.

"This should be a Super Bowl commercial," wrote one fan.

"Whatever team you wanna win thats the team I'm cheering for," another commented.

Others ignored the football references in her post and video and simply showered her with praise for her beauty.

"Stunning and very Sexy," remarked one admirer.

"Sexy charming attractive and seductive baby," another commented.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsey Pelas is more than just a pretty face. The blonde beauty describes herself as "brainy," and she hosts a podcast with a name that refers to her eye-popping curves, Eyes Up Here.