‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz & Kim Face Off, Franco Gets A Visit From Julian

Craig SjodinABC

The trial of Franco Baldwin is about to get underway this week on General Hospital and emotions are running high. Both Elizabeth and Kim are in difficult situations with the same man, but neither one of them is willing to give up the one man that they are in love with. Liz has gone to desperate measures to get her husband back, and coming up on Monday, she and Kim will have words.

As Soap Central teases, things will get tense between the two women who are on opposite sides of Franco’s dilemma. The previews that were shown at the end of Friday’s show revealed that Kim will approach Liz and ask her if she is sure that she is doing the right thing.

Kim may be seeking Franco’s wife out to see if she can change her mind about keeping him locked away at Shady Brook and making the decision to try to get his memories back. Kim has determined that this man with the memories that she treasures is Drew, and she doesn’t want it to be anyone else, especially not Franco Baldwin.

Liz won’t take it well when Kim tries to persuade her to change her mind. She isn’t having it at all. Liz wants her husband back and she is willing to take the chance of having him go through the procedure that could actually recover Franco’s memories, or leave him a vegetable.

Also, Franco will be getting a visit from Julian Jerome this week on General Hospital. There are no details on exactly why he is there, but this is expected to a tense encounter as well. Julian was dropped by Kim so that she could rekindle her romance with Drew. He obviously still has feelings for her, so he could be there to try to talk some sense into Drew/Franco for Kim’s well-being

Martin Frey has just recently agreed to take Drew’s case, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed. Kim met with him last week and he is pretty sure that he can win. He gave Kim a pep talk. That seems to have fired her up a bit, and given her a little hope that she can eventually build a life with the man that she believes is Drew, despite the fact that he has Franco’s face.

Meanwhile, Scott Baldwin is gearing up to win Elizabeth’s case to be able to force her husband to have the procedure. It is expected to be a highly emotional time for Kim and for Franco’s family.

Stay tuned to General Hospital in the coming days to see how this all plays out.