Bernie Sanders Reportedly Hires YouTuber Who Turned Landmark Martin Luther King Speech Into ‘Racist,’ Sex Rant

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Matt Orfalea is a YouTube content creator with 32,000 subscribers to his channel. Earlier this month, he released a video tribute to 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders that was widely praised by Sanders’ supporters. Now, he has reportedly been hired to join the video team on Sanders’ campaign, according to an announcement by Orfalea himself on his Twitter account on Sunday.

Orfalea’s video, “Rising Up / Bernie 2020,” was designed to counter what Sanders’ supporters claim to be pervasively negative media coverage of the 78-year-old Vermont Senator’s second campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, as The Inquisitr has reported.

“No candidate has endured more unfounded hateful attacks than Bernie Sanders,” Orfalea wrote upon posting the video. “But he fights on!”

In addition, leading Sanders surrogate Shaun King termed the video “the single best, most insightful, most inspirational” political advertisement of the current campaign.

But 10 years ago, Orfalea made another video that resurfaced quickly after announced his hiring by the Sanders campaign. It was posted on Twitter by Sanders critic M. Mendoza Ferrer — who called the video “Vile. Repugnant. Racist.”

What was in Orfalea’s video that made it so highly offensive, according to Ferrer? In the video, titled, “I Have a Wet Dream,” Orfalea uses civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic, 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech — but substitutes a racial and crudely sexual monologue for King’s original, historic words.

Martin Luther King Jr. speaks.
Cicil right icon Martin Luther King Jr.Featured image credit: Jeff KamenGetty Images

In Orfalea’s video, “King” is heard to utter various pornographic references to oral sex, and repeated mentions of King’s “negro penis,” as well as numerous other, crude sexual images.

Orfalea included a disclaimer with the video on the YouTube page where it remains posted as of Sunday calling King “a great man,” and the “real” speech “amazing.”

“Society is undeniably better thanks to MLK and the civil rights movement. No one should be ever be judged based on their race/ethnicity,” Orfalea wrote.

He goes on to explain that the video’s purpose was to serve as “a good reminder that media on tv or the web can be edited to really twist facts/reality.”

In his Twitter post announcing his hiring by the Sanders campaign, Orfalea wrote that he was “assured I will have considerable creative freedom!”

Orfalea also said in an earlier version of the supposed disclaimer, which was screen-captured and posted via Twitter by Ferrer, that he made the “I Have a Wet Dream” video “for laughs,” because “the idea of this cracked me up.”

A Sanders campaign spokesperson gave a statement to Axios reporter Alexi McCammond, confirming that Orfalea had, indeed, been hired by the campaign.

“His views don’t reflect the senator and going forward he understands he’s part of a campaign team that will respect Bernie’s values,” McCammond quoted the campaign spokesperson as saying.