October 13, 2019
'Jersey Shore' Star Jenni Farley Spotted Out With Zack Carpinello Amid Breakup News

It's been a whirlwind of a few days for Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley. After the October 10 airing of Jersey Shore Family Vacation on MTV, Jenni reportedly split with her boyfriend Zack Carpinello after seeing the way he behaved while she was drunk and oblivious in a Las Vegas club. According to an Instagram post from Jenni, she felt hurt and betrayed by both Zack and Angelina for how they acted, admitting she had no idea Zack was snuggling up to her frenemy on camera and acting inappropriately.

A day after Jenni made her statement on Instagram, Zack made one himself where he apologized for his actions and said how much he loved Jenni and her children and promised to keep showing her how much every day. On Sunday, the pair was spotted out and about with Jenni's children, Meilani and Greyson. According to Us Weekly, the foursome was spotted at New Jersey theme park Field Station: Dinosaurs in Leonia.

"They weren't lovey-dovey or touchy. They were more civil than acting like a couple, but he was affectionate and sweet with the kids," an insider told the news outlet. "They made s'mores."

The onlooker also noted that Jenni's father was with the group.

"The kids were having a great time during the music shows and enjoying playing the games. Jenny and Zack weren't showing any PDA, they were playing with the kids but didn't seem overly affectionate. Jenny was spending most of her time watching the kids," the source continued.

There has been no news that suggests the couple have officially gotten back together, especially since there was no PDA between Jenni and Zack when they were spotted.

Jenni's ex-husband Roger Matthews has spoken out about the breakup when speaking with Us Weekly shortly after the news broke.

"I want peace with my ex-wife for my kids and if there is turmoil in her life and in her household, it's just not a good thing for our children, so I wish nothing but the best for her," Roger claimed.

Roger has not commented on Jenni and Zack's outing but has made it clear he trusts Zack around his children, and he also trusts Jenni's judgment.

The drama surrounding Zack, Jenni, and Angelina is set to continue over the next two episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Angelina and Jenni almost come to blows in the trailer for the show, which shows them both grabbing wine bottles at a dinner table while being held back and talked down by their roommates.