Gwen Stefani Slays In Yet Another Sexy Getup That Created Definite Animal Magnetism

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Gwen Stefani showed up on Instagram on October 13 while wearing a sexy leotard with a low scoop neck. The high-cut, long-sleeved garment — which was skintight — was black on the top and printed on the bottom with the look of a giraffe. Her tights matched the giraffe look, with the same print mimicking what the star was wearing on her body again on her shapely legs.

While appearing at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, this busy artist, known for her penchant for cutting-edge fashion, was rocking yet another sizzling ensemble, presumably while she was in Las Vegas for her “Just A Girl” residency.

She chose subtle makeup to augment her sartorial selection while the black-and-white photo indicated that Gwen was dealing with a wild hairdo. While she stood with her feet apart and her posture turned into a dance pose, one of her arms was bent at the elbow while the other was reaching toward the sky.

Her glance was mysterious as she turned her face to one side. The exposed eye seemed to be checking out something within her vision, but what she was looking at remained unknown

The 50-year-old celebrity enjoyed plenty of feedback on her recent Instagram post. From amongst her 9 million followers, Blake Shelton’s girlfriend was treated to more than 22,000 likes within an hour of the image being uploaded. In addition, about 260 fans commented on Gwen’s artistic social media share.

“You’re like sunshine when it’s raining in my life,” said one fan, who added a sun emoji for emphasis.

“So freakin beautiful!!!!” exclaimed another admirer.

“Holy. Moly,” expressed a third fan.

“DOPE SHIZOT,” shouted a fourth follower, who added a flash camera emoji and a black heart emoji for further effect.

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The “Hollaback Girl” singer recently returned to Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater for her Las Vegas commitment. That meant that she must now commute between Sin City and Los Angeles so she could also judge and mentor for The Voice during Season 17.

Gwen tends to wear less provocative fashion statements while appearing on her NBC show than she does while entertaining during her Zappos Theater residency. During a recent concert at Planet Hollywood, the former No Doubt frontwoman showed her sexy side as she sang into a mic as a larger image of her likeness was seen on a huge screen behind her.

For that appearance, Gwen rocked a patent leather playsuit and fishnet stockings. The garment she wore was skintight and super short while her stockings were partially covered up by black-with-white striped over-the-knee socks, giving this versatile entertainer a bit of a sporty look.

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