Justin Amash Blasts Donald Trump As 'Fraud,' Calls On Him To 'Bring Home' The Troops

Donald Trump's decision to pull troops from Syria has been controversial among both Democrats and Republicans. While some are supportive of the decision and believe it's an example of the president making good on his campaign promise, others suggest that it's a reckless move that will only harm the U.S.-friendly Kurds in the region.

According to former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the move will undoubtedly lead to the resurgence of ISIS. Mattis, who resigned from his position in Trump's White House late last year after the president announced a similar U.S. troop removal from Syria that was later partially rolled back, believes that a lack of pressure in the region will create a vacuum of power that will allow ISIS to regain their previous strength.

Libertarian-leaning independent, Rep. Justin Amash, believes that Trump doesn't have the intention of ending wars, previously claiming that the troop removal from Syria was to let Turkey advance into the region. Early Sunday morning, Amash again attacked the president's suggestion that he is pulling out of the Middle East for the good of the troops.

"The guy who has been president since January 2017 is complaining about our involvement in Middle East wars," he tweeted. "He himself has increased our troop presence. He vetoed legislation that would have limited U.S. involvement in the Yemen war. He is a fraud. Bring home our troops."

Later in the afternoon, Amash took a shot at Trump again in another tweet.

"President Trump long ago could (and should) have withdrawn from Syria and worked to keep out Turkey. Instead, he pulled back a few troops (no withdrawal) and green lighted Turkey's attack. His sudden concern about endless wars is just cover for his having facilitated a disaster."
During his time with the GOP, Amash -- the son of a Palestinian refugee and Syrian immigrant - -was the first to call for Trump's impeachment following Robert Mueller's investigation and subsequent report into Russian interference in the 2016 election. He later left the party to become an Independent following backlash from much of the major figures in the party.

Speaking to TIME after his departure, Amash said he is the "happiest" he has been since entering Congress, highlighting the "very freeing" feeling of not being tied to a specific party. A frequent critic of the two-party system and what he believes is an increasingly partisan nature of Congress, Amash said that his new role is to set an example for people and spread the message that thinking independently from party leadership is a benefit for politicians.