WWE News: The Wives Of The Hardy Boyz Get Into Heated Twitter Argument Following Jeff Hardy’s Recent Arrest


The saga involving Jeff Hardy’s recent arrest just keeps progressing. The latest development involves a war of words on Twitter between Beth Hardy, Jeff’s wife, and Reby Hardy, the wife of his brother, Matt.

Beth appears to have an issue with a statement released by Matt in regards to his brother’s situation, where Matt revealed that Jeff is responsible for his own actions.

Beth has since responded by telling fans not to take any statements that didn’t come from her or Jeff seriously, while insinuating that Matt and his wife aren’t members of their family.

Reby — who is no stranger to speaking her mind on social media — didn’t agree with Beth, however, and posted a tirade in response.

“No matter how much you dislike him, MATT IS STILL HIS BROTHER, here long before your a** & is family, not “family”, PERIOD. Any statements from Matt about Jeff don’t need YOUR approval; it ain’t about YOU. I know it kills you to have anyone acknowledge the facade of a perfect life you try to maintain is a f***ing joke, but not everyone thinks the sun shines out of your a**es, Beth, and not everyone wants to be complicit in your “protecting” & enabling of a man who is well on his way to killing himself or someone else.”

Reby clearly doesn’t approve of Jeff’s recent behavior, which has seen him get arrested for alcohol-related incidents twice this year. His latest involved him driving while intoxicated, hence why Reby said he’s a danger to himself and other people.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, there were also reports of an altercation between Beth and Jeff prior to his arrest. According to the reports, Jeff was beaten up and bloodied following a fight with his wife when the police found him. It’s not a pleasant situation, but at the time of this writing, WWE is keeping out of their superstar’s personal matters.

Jeff has remained quiet about the situation, but he did return to Instagram this week to share videos of him performing at a concert.

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As noted by WrestleTalk, Jeff has been out of action since April after injuring his knee on an episode of SmackDown Live. He is expected to return to the squared circle in November, supposedly as his “Willow” alter ego.

However, it remains to be seen if Jeff’s recent personal issues will delay his return to WWE. While the company is claiming to butt out of the former World Champion’s troubles, they might want to wait for all of the drama to settle before they bring him back to weekly television.